The Spinal Touch Technique for Animals. A Gentle Back Care Treatment. The Benefits of Light Touch Therapy for Disease and Body Stress. Philip Chave: Spinal Touch Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Distant Healer.
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Philip Chave, Spiritual Healer. Healing for Animals. Spinal Touch Therapy.
Philip Chave, Spiritual Healer. Healing for Animals. Spinal Touch Treatment.
Philip Chave, Spiritual Healer. Healing for Animals. Spinal Touch Technique.
Philip Chave, Spiritual Healer. Healing for Animals. Spinal Touch Therapy.
Philip Chave, Spiritual Healer. Healing for Animals. Spinal Touch Therapy.

Spinal Touch Therapy for Animals

Animals get Bad Backs, Necks, Shoulders, Hips and Legs too. The Complete Approach to Better Health for your Animals and Pets.

Can Spinal Touch be used with Animals?

This is a question I am asked repeatedly. Animals, mammals at least, have the same bone structure as humans. The proportions vary certainly, but we are surprisingly the same at many levels. The mechanism of injury to an animal's body is very similar to that of a human body. Spinal Touch can be used on all manner of animals, perhaps the most obvious being, dogs, cats and horses.

Just because I don't have a dog or horse, I have prepared two video's of my cat. Please take a few minutes to watch these two video's. They are before and after videos of my 24 year old cat, Sam. She regularly responds to Reiki, and has been healthy for almost all of her life, which is around 115 years old in human terms.

She has recently developed a pelvic problem which is age related and which affects her a lot of the time if untreated. When it becomes necessary to treat her, I use Spinal Touch because her gait is such that it usually leads me to conclude the problem is in the pelvis. At it's worst, she can't climb the stairs, or will appear to be dragging her legs behind her. This is obviously a very serious problem, but in all other respects she manages to stay clean and healthy.

Sam the cat, before receiving the Spinal Touch Technique.     Sam the cat, after receiving the Spinal Touch Technique.

What these video's show is that Sam responds really well to this treatment and her latter years are being made so much more comfortable by it's use. In fact, I was so pleased with her response to the treatment, this time, I couldn't help but film it twice. See for yourself, you can tell by the way she's walking that she's not in pain anymore.

Vets and trainers are accepting the effectiveness of alternative therapies for animals and flocking to it in great numbers. Like humans, animals respond to the numerous physiological and psychological benefits of alternative therapy. Spinal Touch is a noninvasive and general therapy, which offers pain relief and helps in treating many muscular and skeletal disorders as well as preventing their return.

Spinal Touch is very effective at relieving tense and painful muscle spasm, keeping them supple and properly 'switched'. It's a great way to increase blood circulation and remove excessive toxins in the body, in the same way that a massage is effective for humans. A regular program of treatment, once need is established, is effective for maintaining muscle health, spinal alignment, pelvic/sacral alignment, general health and performance.

Postural alignment is the first step in maintaining normal healthy conditions for any animal, including many muscular and skeletal activities, such as: balance, coordination, jumping, running, walking, range of motion, stride length and bending.

It has long been thought that the body's ability to maintain good health relies, to a large degree, on the proper functioning of the nervous system. After all, this is what triggers all our organs to function and maintain a healthy circulatory system, to bathe our cells in oxygen and fuel. Vertebral and skeletal misalignments can cause disease by putting pressure on the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, which causes imbalance in the body's other systems. Spinal Touch gives the body chance to return to proper balance

If you've reached this page because you have one of my Spinal Touch business cards, I hope you found the information here useful. If your condition is bad enough, you may be thinking of coming to see me, and to that end, I would draw your attention to the contact page, where you will find an address and telephone number for just that purpose. Visit this page to find more information about Spinal Touch.
I very much look forward to seeing you at The Haven Healing Centre. Phil.

Please share this page with your friends. Thank you.

If you have any thoughts on this, please write to me at:
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Note: Please be aware that Healing, distant or otherwise, does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and problems of an urgent nature. Continue with your prescribed medication. Healing is a complementary therapy that works effectively alongside orthodox/conventional healthcare, thus expanding your treatment options.

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