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EFT Help by Phone for these conditions:

Abuse Issues
Accident Trauma
Anger Management
Asthma Symptoms
Bed Wetting
Blood Pressure
Body Image
Business Stress
Career Performance
Change - Accept
Children's Health
Children's Issues
Chronic Fatique Synd.
Communication Issues
Compulsive Eating
Confidence Issues
Death - Coping
Decision Making
Divorce Issues
Domestic Issues
Drug Addictions
Eating Disorders
Emotional Detoxification
Examination Stress
Executive Stress
Family Stress
Emotional Detox
High Blood Pressure
Inner Child
Inner Conflict
Internet Addiction
Interview Phobia
IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Job Seeking
Learning Difficulties
Marital Problems
Mid Life Crises
Nail Biting
OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Overcoming Doubts
Pain Control
Panic Attacks
Performance Anxiety
PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Public Speaking
Rape Trauma
Rheumatic Pain
Sales Call Reluctance
SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder
SDS - Serotonin Deficiency Syndrome
Self Confidence
Self Control
Self Doubt
Self Esteem
Self Harm
Self Image
Sexual Issues
Skin Disorders
Sinus Problems
Sleep Disorders
Speech Impairment
Sports Performance
Stopping Smoking
Stress Management
Temper Issues
Tension Headaches
Travel Phobias
Vomit Phobia
Weight Control
Weight Loss
Will Power
Worry & Nerves

Telephone Support Service - EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique Over the Phone

EFT for quick and painless results! Try it on EVERYTHING!

This is for all those people who have written to me, desperate for help, but who live too far away to travel. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain with EFT! See the list on the left.

The ability to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) over the phone is an immense plus for the general population, because it is a way to access help for specific issues when you need it most, without having to go to the trouble of researching, getting referrals, making appointments, taking time off, travelling, disrupting the family routine, and plus, it's easier on the finances.

Once learned, you can work on yourself for FREE and in a matter of seconds!
A great self help way to relax and feel better.

It's easy to spend thousands of pounds, or dollars, or euros, on conventional emotion therapy and still get nowhere. Indeed by the time some people find this website and subsequently become clients, they are very unhappy about still having the original problem and initially present with a high degree of cynicism. And with good justification.

Emotional Freedom does not mean feeling a little better about something.............
When it works at its finest, and when it is thorough, you literally have freedom totally about a particular issue. That doesn't mean you will forget the issue. We're not trying to wipe the mind of memories, though maybe that would be better in some instances. Emotional Freedom means no longer having to suffer the emotional charge that an issue or a memory brings with it. For example, a fear of snakes is healthy and can keep you at a safe distance. But, a fear of snakes brought on by a past experience that makes you shake, feel nauseous, throws you into a panic and generally gives you hot flushes, is a negative emotion that you could probably do without. The same is true of fear of public speaking, insomnia, depression and many, many other things, they all boil down to negative emotions. And it is from this angle that we attack these things.

From abandonment to depression, from forgiveness to guilt, from grief to OCD and from PTSD to weight control. With PTSD you can feel frightened, vulnerable and alone. Ex-soldiers who try to bulldoze their way through the flashbacks and experiences very often end up angry at their own failure, out of their depth, ashamed, and afraid that these flashbacks and thoughts will be with them for the rest of their lives. The more they try to blot them out, the more powerful they become. It's a civil war they can't win. Conventional counselling very often doesn't work. I have found EFT very useful in this area.

Telephone Help With EFT - How Will This Work?

  1. Email me with a short description of your problem.
  2. I will reply with confirmation of whether this condition lends itself to possible help over the phone with EFT. This does not commit you to continue and you are free to walk away at any time.
  3. You go to PayPal and purchase 1 hr of telephone time. You do not need a PayPal account, just a credit card.
  4. Once I have notification from PayPal, I will send you the EFT INFORMATION PACKAGE, which consists of a detailed instruction manual with a visual representation of the procedure we will be using. (Don't worry, it sounds a lot bigger than it is. You will learn the procedure quickly and easily. I promise!) The EFT Package is also available as a PDF document which can be emailed to you instead.
  5. Take whatever time you need to achieve this, it is really easy to learn. This means that every second on the phone can be devoted to helping you achieve your desired result, rather than spending precious time explaining what we are going to do. While you do this, we would normally continue to correspond via email, to fill in the events, incidents and specifics that are contributing to the problem. Only if you feel comfortable to do this, of course, or we can just do it during the phone session.
  6. You do not need to use your whole telephone time in one go. You will be given a time window, usually in the evening when long distance and cheap rates kick in, to call. You can use the time as you wish and a call can last 20, 30 minutes, or whatever you choose. This is useful as sometimes, perhaps during times of depression, or emotional upset, different aspects may arise at infrequent intervals and you may wish to deal with these as they arise. Your time does not expire until it is used up and so you may call over an extended period.
  7. Your INFORMATION package will contain all the contact details you will require: email addresses, postal address, landline and mobile telephone numbers, and a list of times when I set aside time for callers. (Obviously as I have an established practice, I operate certain opening hours during which I am with clients and cannot be disturbed). However, telephone/video sessions can be pre-booked during the day, just like any other treatment.

What Are The Advantages of Working on the Phone?

  • You can call right when the problem (traumatic memory, phobia, anxiety, panic attack, compulsion, addictive craving, etc) is happening.
  • It doesn't matter where in the world you live. (It does help if you speak English, I'm afraid I am only fluent in one language).
  • It is much less expensive than travelling large distances and therefore more convenient.
  • There's no having to take time off work, or arrange baby sitters, so it's very time efficient.
  • I can help more people over a much wider geographical range.
  • You can be in the privacy of your own home.
  • With the right preparation, EFT is just as effective by phone as it is in person.
  • By having your EFT PACKAGE nearby, you have a reference that you can refer to during the session (even though I will talk you through all the aspects needed and respond to what you tell me as we progress through the session).
  • EFT is so effective, it often works when nothing else will.
  • The whole procedure is very cost effective because you only pay for the amount of time you need and the cost of the call. You don't have to worry about travelling time, travel costs, parking, B&B if you live far away or sustenance away from home.

How Can I Contact You?

  • In the first instance, please write to .
  • Include as much information as you feel comfortable with.
  • If you would prefer to write a letter and post it, you can send it here: Mr P Chave, The Haven Healing Centre, Street End Lane, Blagdon, Bristol BS40 7TW United Kingdom
  • You could also include your phone time cheque if you want to (P.Chave).
  • The EFT INFORMATION PACKAGE includes all you need to make sure your EFT Phone sessions go smoothly; email addresses, postal address, landline and mobile telephone numbers, and a list of times which are set aside for callers.
  • Just so you know your confidentiality is assured, if it becomes necessary to call you back at any time by your request, I will not reveal the purpose of the call if someone else happens to pick up your phone. This applies to a work or home number.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Sometimes the amount of time you will need to put into this will be greatly reduced because you respond really well to the treatment.
  • At other times, for example, if it turns out that an issue is very complex and persistent, it is only natural to require more assistance and input. Take the case of someone with OCD who can't stop washing their hands, clothes and possessions. This 'dirty' feeling can cause stomach ache, headaches and/or trembling, prior to the hand washing. So where do you start? If it turns out that as a child this person had regular sore throats and subsequent vomiting, could this be related to the OCD today? Maybe, but if I ask 'What are you thinking when you wash your hands?' and the answer is something like, 'I'm washing away mother's disgust of me'. Wow! This is were we will likely find other aspects. It turns out that mother had a vomit phobia and would wash and scrub everything that this person owned, including them, just in case any germs gave them a sore throat.
    I offer this scenario to demonstrate just how complicated these things can become and why it might take longer than expected to reach a satisfactory conclusion.
  • Make secure easy payments via PayPal.
  • The cost of your sessions includes the EFT INFORMATION PACKAGE which is posted FREE!
  • Click one of the buttons below to purchase your Telephone Talk Time.
First Time Call
One Hour
inc. EFT package
First Time Call
Two Hours
inc. EFT package
First Time Call
Three Hours
inc. EFT package
Subsequent Hours
Cost Per Hour
EFT package not inc.
35 per hour
Pay with any of these cards
Pay for your EFT session by Credit Card

Confidentiality Policy and Disclaimer

Confidentiality: Any details that you reveal in the course of your treatment will remain confidential. Telephone conversations will be one-to-one. At my end the conversation cannot be overheard and the line is private with no sharing. I do take notes about sessions, including, the issues, the progress made and sometimes specific items or events that are relevant. This is to facilitate progress and speed, however, you cannot be personally identified by these notes and they are shredded afterwards.
Age Related Telephone Help: The Law States - If you are under 16 you are entitled to a confidential consultation with a doctor, provided you make it clear that you do not want your parent to be told. However, your doctor can refuse to discuss the matter if unwilling to accept your request for confidentiality. If you are aged 16 and above you are entitled to confidential advice and treatment.
It is normal for anyone under 16 to be guided by a parent into appropriate health care, but if you make this decision for yourself, it is safer for everyone that your parents at least know, and approve, that you have asked for EFT phone therapy through this website.
Consent to medical treatment: The Law States - If you are under 16, you can give your own consent to medical treatment provided you fully understand what is involved. If a doctor decides that you do not fully understand what is involved in giving consent, a person with parental responsibility for you can give consent on your behalf.
Most of the young people that I work with have the full consent and guidance of their parents. It is usual to assume that if a parent pays for the treatment, they have first visited this website, spoken to me, or written to me, and used their judgement to allow treatment to go ahead.
Disclaimer: I hate these things but they are everywhere now and unfortunately necessary. No claim is made to cure any medical condition. Complementary health assistance, including the use of EFT by Phone, must be with a medical doctors permission. Some day the medical profession will wake up to EFT and its benefits, but until then you should first ensure that you are currently in the care of your GP or other health care provider and cease treatment if your GP requests termination for any reason. While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Further, Philip Chave is not a medical doctor and offers EFT as a Complementary Therapist in the ways outlined on this website.

Can I have a recording of my session?

I have installed recording equipment from the telephone to the computer, and it is possible (if you so wish) for me to record the conversation to CD and supply it to you in the post. CDs will be supplied with no label or identifiable writing on them, just the conversation. This service is only available if you request it at the time and is at your own discretion. Not everyone likes the idea of going over it all again, but many do, as it reinforces the session and enables you to judge your own progress over time.


Time in the United Kingdom

Please consult this clock before phoning, especially if you are calling from abroad. It will tell you the current time in the UK and will ensure that you will be calling at the agreed time.
I Thank You for your consideration in this regard. Phil.

Please share this page with your friends. Thank you.

If this is an appropriate course for you, please write to me with a short account of your issues and situation. I can be contacted at:
Philip Chave © 2005-

Note: Please be aware that Healing, distant or otherwise, does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and problems of an urgent nature. Continue with your prescribed medication. Healing is a complementary therapy that works effectively alongside orthodox/conventional healthcare, thus expanding your treatment options.

Want to help maintain the Distant Healing Service? Please visit: Online Donations. Thank You.

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