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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

Grow Your Own Aloe Vera Plants and Experience the Healing Miracle that is Aloe Vera

Bring the healing properties of aloe vera to your life, home and family

A few years ago I never would have believed you if you'd told me that Aloe Vera was like a miracle plant. A Healthy Aloe Vera Plant I had no experience of it and so would likely have given you the brush off. But then I had an accident, in which the subsequent surgical repair required a ten inch scar down the outside of my leg.

The scar was itching like billio and a friend said, 'Of course, you are rubbing aloe gel into the scar, aren't you? It will help reduce the scar and the antisceptic properties will help it heal faster.' I thought, 'yeah, and pigs might fly.' The surgeon, nor any of the nurses had said anything about aloe, and so it never occurred to me to give it a try, or even that this was an option.

Of course, I did try it and the rest is history, as they say. But, as I was reluctant to believe anyone else that wasn't a fully paid up member of the BMA, it now begs the question, why should you believe me? The only thing I can say to you is please try it for yourself, as I did - and then decide.

We know that the healing properties of aloe vera have been written about for centuries, if not forever. It is a cactus-type succulent that grows like weed in the hills around the Mediterranean. However, it also grows just as well here in the UK in a warm sheltered spot, such as your window sill.

The variety that I mainly grow is called Barbadensis Miller, and is the variety regarded as containing the best medicinal qualities of all aloe.

I sell these plants across the UK from this website: AloePlants.co.uk
The website sells small, medium and large plants. In addition, I have some super-size plants that are available to anyone that has room for them, such as hotels and corporate reception areas, plus project plants for landscape gardeners and interior designers.

A Healthy Aloe Vera Plant The one thing I can tell you is that the gel is very easily extracted from this variety, making it much easier to benefit from its medicinal, antisceptic, healing and soothing properties, because you can just rub it on, if you want too, straight from the plant.

Commercially aloe is used in many products, such as cosmetics, shampoo and first-aid salves, plus all manner of lotions and creams for the hands and body. Personally, I don't use many commercially produced aloe products, because I don't trust manufacturers not to boil it and filter it into oblivion, and then screen it somemore so most of the goodness is evaporated off or left in the waste residue. I may be wrong, but somehow I don't think so.

What are the beneficial properties of Aloe Vera?
The acceptable version is that aloe is soothing, cooling, moisturising and nourishing.

Because we all have to be so careful of how we describe things nowadays, I have to restrict my comments to 'maybe' this is true, and 'possibly' this will work, but you will be the judge by your own experience, and I sincerely hope that your experience of aloe will be as positive as mine. So here's how I know aloe has been used:
  • Aloe may help speed up healing times for skin damage, burns, cuts and abrasions
  • Aloe may also help sooth skin injured by burns, irritations, cuts and insect bites
  • Aloe may have an antiseptic effect against fungus and bacteria
  • Aloe gel may help with digestive problems (constipation, diarrhea, IBS, Crohn's disease, and other intestinal problems) when taken internally
  • Aloe gel may help to soften, moisturise and sooth irritated, hard or dry skin
  • Aloe may help toward relieving itchy, swollen or irritated skin
  • Aloe could have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbil and anti-fungal properties
  • Aloe may be useful when taken or applied as a pain reliever
  • Aloe may help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars following pregnancy or large weight loss
How should I use my aloe leaves and gel?
Always use a very sharp knife or razor blade to slice your aloe plant. This ensures a clean cut every time and there are no ragged ends to become infected, or which may weaken the plant. A clean cut allows the gel to set at the cut, and for the plant to seal over the end of the wound, ready for next time.

You can cut off a whole leaf, or you can take slices. In the event of a small cut, sting or bite, very thin slices of leaf will get you sufficient gel to cover a small area of skin, ensuring the longevity of your plant. If you do cut off too much or a whole leaf at a time, you can store it in the fridge, wrapped in clingfilm.

Is it easy to grow Aloe Vera?
Yes, as easy as weeds showing up in your garden. However, as aloe is not native to the UK, there are one or two considerations you will need to be aware of, to give yourself and your aloe the best chance of success. With that aim, your plant will come with a growing tips sheet and all the information you will need to grow it on successfully. There are also instructions on gel usage and harvesting.

A new shoot of Aloe plant
Aloe Vera: The natural healing solution from nature
Most modern medication, especially the new stuff, is really expensive and comes with a list of side effects as long as your arm. So, for the sake of our health and that of our families, many of us are looking for natural alternatives that give the hope of accelerated healing.

Aloe has been called 'nature's first-aid kit'. The list of conditions that aloe is said to be good for is pretty extensive. Things like abrasions, acne, bites, boils, burns, cracked skin, cuts and scratches, dandruff, denture sores, dermatitis, dry skin, eczema, insect bites, itching, rashes, psoriasis, scars, scrapes, stings, sunburn, warts and wrinkles, to name only a few.

This is when your aloe plant will come into it's own. You will always have a source of fresh, clean, living gel close by, ready to use at a moments notice. That's the beauty of growing your own, and the point to bear in mind is that the gel is 'alive' and at it's most beneficial.

It's not that I am saying aloe vera is good for EVERYTHING, that's probably not possible. What I do like to do is TRY it on everything I can, to see if it makes any difference. I love to be able to show my children, the next generation, that there are alternatives to the brow beating we get from big pharma TV ads, that they are the only ones who can help us.

However, it's worth remembering, over two-thirds of the worlds population can't afford expensive drugs and so are routinely treated with herbs, and plants, and honey, that are not only effective, but are known to be equal to, and in some cases superior to, synthetically produced medicines.

In addition to the external benefits mentioned above, aloe vera is now known to be very effective in treating acid reflux, to improve brain function, to lower cholesterol, and to help diabetics control their blood sugar. It is helpful in a variety of digestive disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and possess soothing properties that help conditions that promote inflammation and over-acidity. A new shoot of Aloe plant
In general, the joints and muscles benefit from aloe's anti-inflammatory properties, as does the immune system, not in the least because of the 200 or so nutritional compounds that the body needs to be fit and healthy.

How will I receive my plant?
Your aloe vera plantlet will be shipped dry root (meaning no soil as in the picture opposite), which is common practice with these types of plants and will need potting up in normal or grit based compost as soon as you can. Aloe vera is succulent of leaf and used to having dry roots occasionally, so will not harm in any way during its time in the postal system.

I try to send plants that look similar to this picture, which makes them around a year old, or even older. I believe this gives you good value for your money and a head start in producing a viable, healthy plant. Many sellers will send you a tiny sliver of a plant, just sprouted and not much bigger than a match stick.

Your plant will be wrapped in kitchen roll, then taped to the inside of a cardboard posting box. It will also be accompanied by a growing tips leaflet to help you successfully raise your plant with no setbacks, and some instruction in using the gel to best advantage.

If your purchase comes through between Thursday - Saturday, I will delay posting until Monday, if that's ok, to reduce the chance of your plant sitting in the sorting office for the weekend. I also send your plant by first class post, to avoid any delays in the post.

Please contact me prior to purchasing if you have any questions and I will be pleased to help as best I can.

Recent skin damage after a days gardening, treated ONLY with aloe vera gel straight from the plant.
Finger Blister -Day 1 Finger Blister -Day 5
Back of Hand Scratch -Day 1 Back of Hand Scratch -Day 5
I don't mind telling you, these were sore, but the rose bushes looked a picture. The jagged nature of these injuries means they can often take nearly 2 weeks to heal in most people. This result is in only 5 days, a little under half the normal time, using nothing more than the gel from my own aloe plants.

I always suggest that you consult with your GP before applying any new product to your skin, or ingesting any liquid that you don't know the properties of. It may be just possible that they have a good reason for you not to proceed, such as potential clashes with your current medication. But normally, there is no reason for you not to continue and most enlightened doctors will be happy that you are looking for ways to help yourself. It's just a pity there are still so very few of them around.

I've been using Aloe Vera for years. I'm so convinced of its efficacy that it is the first thing I think of now, not the second. But I'm not saying this to encourage you to make any changes in your response to injury or disease, you must continue to do what you feel is right. I only offer that aloe vera may be an alternative that you can try alongside your current medication or treatment plan.

If you find that you are achieving a faster, better result, over time, then this may be enough to convince you to allow aloe vera to play a larger part in your healing plan. But please do this gradually, so that you feel it is the right thing for you, based on your own experience and conviction. I look forward to sending you your aloe vera plant very soon. Best wishes, Phil.

NEW! Aloe for use on burns. A burn to the hand healed in less than a week! My wife (Jill) burned her hand on a saucepan handle and scalded it quite badly. Luckily her reflexes were quick and she let go immediately, however, not before she grasped the handle to pick up the pan.
Day 1
Right hand blistered, red & scalded
Healing a hand burn with aloe
Day 5
Finger tips still a little crazed & red
Healing a hand burn with aloe
Day 7
Blisters and redness all gone! Healing a hand burn with aloe
She thought she had turned off the gas ring but a tiny flame was still burning and the pan on the back ring had it's handle over the near invisible flame.

We put her hand under running cold water for 20mins and then placed it on an ice pack used for sports injuries. We moved back and forth from ice to cold water for nearly an hour. During each drying time I applied lavender essential oil directly to the burn, lots of it. We did this until the burning sensation came out of the skin, but 3 white blisters appeared along the top of her forefinger.

Following this treatment, she applied aloe to her skin, directly from the leaves of several aloe plants over the next few days. This instantly reduced the burning sensation and calmed the stiffness of the skin which is trying to solidify due to the damage. Each time the aloe dried on her hand she would apply more and so was gently applying aloe gel every half hour or so. The crazing normally associated with a skin burn started to show but soon disappeared.

At night she would smear a large volume of aloe gel all over her hand and then we placed a sock over the hand so she could sleep and the aloe continue to work during the night. No other preparations were used at all besides the original lavender and aloe gel.

These photographs show the progress of repair to the skin of Jill's hand over the course of only 7 days. A wonderful result, I think you will agree. Please be aware though, you may possibly not get equally rapid results; it will depend on the severity and depth of the burn, and whether your skin is broken. Please have an emergency plan in place, as we did, so that you can react and take action straight away. As with all these things, timing is everything.

If you want to give this a try for yourself, please visit: AloePlants.co.uk and purchase your plants from there.

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