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Phil Chave
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Frequently Asked Questions - Spiritual Healing and Self Healing

Answering your questions about healing, healers and how to do self healing

What is Spiritual Healing?
It is a natural, safe and powerful method of healing that uses the Universal Love that is all around us. It works on our body at all levels, from our mind, body and spirit.

How did you discover you had the "Gift"?
A difficult question to answer because actually I didn't discover anything, somebody else did. A series of life coincidences brought me to a friend who happened to be a healer. She seemed to see something, to know something, that I was not aware of, and suggested that I look into developing my own latent healing abilities. (We all have them, by the way!). It was like throwing the switch on the main road street lights. One after the other, in rapid succession, they illuminated the way for me to map out a new destiny. The start of my journey into a new life.

How does Spiritual Healing work?
Our physical body is just one level of consciousness, and when we take an analgesic for a headache we are working on the physical body. Spiritual healing works on the body at ALL its levels, mental, physical and spiritual. The body absorbs Universal Energy, as much as it needs, and then directs this energy to where it's needed most.

Spiritual healing is gentle, but powerful, providing an ailing body with a much needed boost of energy which helps the body to recover and bring itself back into a state of wholeness.

Are you saying that we can all do healing?
Yes! Have you ever wiped a childs tear and see it replaced with a smile? Have you held the hand of someone who's sick, and watched them perk up before your eyes? What about the people who talk to coma patients until they wake up?

All these things are healing, and if more people did it freely and with love, the world would be a much happier place. Committed healers just take this one stage further and dedicate their lives to helping others and if that sometimes means sick, sad or lonely people heal, then that's a bonus.

The other consideration is, of course, that some will achieve better results than others. Simply put, we can all sit at a grand piano and make a noise, but only a small percentage of musicians will be able to make the angels weep.

Which works best, distant healing or Spiritual Healing?
Both are as effective as the other. But many healers and clients aren't afraid to state publically that they prefer one or the other.

How do you know that healing works?
Are you asking me personally? I have no doubt in my mind that it works and is effective. Can I give you proof? Probably not. I have a whole pile of case history notes and testimonial letters, but there are few scientists who would call this evidence. Mainly because it doesn't include measurements, times, slide rules and fume cupboards, nor is there any independent evidence by outside witnesses, the data referring and only noted by those who were there. I suppose that's why some people call it Faith Healing.

I have read about experiments that show how some people have recovered from a particular illness much faster than those who did not receive Spiritual Healing. If I remember correctly it may have been one of the US universities that published the report.

Can anyone help me out with this? Perhaps point me to a website with this information. I'll happily print the URL with this article.

Do I have to have faith for the healing to work?
Well, if you want to be a Faith Healer, I guess it's an advantage. But no, healing is nothing to do with religion of any kind, East, West, North or South. It's called Spiritual Healing, which gives it a religious overtone, but the Spiritual refers to our Spiritual body or Soul body, our higher self, the overseeing layer of ourselves that governs how the other bodies, our subtle bodies, behave, prosper, remain healthy, etc.

In my limited experience, I think it helps if we at least accept the possiblilty that we will get better, or that our health improves. Afterall, I would never get on a bus if I didn't think that at some point in the buses route there was a fair chance I would reach my destination, now would I?

Who says whether I can heal or not?
Only you! Oh, and the people who come to you for healing. If you have the ability to make people feel better when they are around you, then you are a healer. Some organizations, like the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers), like to think you should be part of the bigger whole, subject to rules and regulations, but, in reality, they don't have the monopoly on healership.

I was practicing as a healer a long time before I decided to apply for membership of the NFSH. Now I belong not only to them, but lots of other organizations that care for others in society, sometimes less fortunate, sometimes just in need of direction. Mainly because it gives me a voice, somewhere to air my views and get feedback. At some point you have to make the decision to stubbornly take your own road, or join with the fellowship that gives healers a direction and purpose.

Instead of wondering if you're doing it right, or not too sure of how to make it better, you have the opportunity to share your experiences with others, ask questions of someone who understands you, and get answers that make sense. You can stand together with others to change things, speaking with one collective voice.

The code of ethics allows for all healers to abide by the same rule book, that protects healers and the public alike. In fact, don't be surprised when you read the code that you've been healing at that standard, or better, for years anyway.

What's this Universal Energy stuff, and why can't I see it?
Actually, hundreds and thousands of healers working everyday do so with the faith that they are channeling Universal Energy, and never actually see the substance that they are working with.

I worked with U.E. for ages before I realised that I could see it, and even then, I only found out by accident, when working on somebody covered in a very dark blanket. Shortly afterwards, I was talking/counselling/healing a friend who came for help, and while she was relaying why she had come, her Aura just appeared in front of me, about 3 inches away from her visible edge. Sometimes, children can even "feel" Universal Energy as a movement sensation against their skin. This was all a 'great privilege' for me at the time, but nowadays, it's just the norm, and no big deal.

Remember, it's your honest intention that makes Universal Energy flow. There doesn't have to be a firework display for you to know the good you are doing!

What illnesses does Spiritual Healing cure?
The short answer is; none. The code of conduct to which registered healers subscribe states clearly that we are not allowed to claim that healing will cure anything. Other people can say it, and do, with astonishing regularity, either because it happened to them, someone they know, or because they saw a marked improvement in a specific condition that was causing them pain at the time of their healing session.

Others call it coincidence, remission, temporary abatement, or they say things like, well so-and-so just got better by themselves. Frankly, I don't think it matters HOW it happens, just that it DOES happen.

I am free to say, and I repeat often on this website, "There is little wrong with any of us that is not helped, in some way, by Spiritual Healing".

When someone who is receiving Spiritual Healing dies; how can you say that it worked?
This is a very relevant and emotive question. But, the sad truth is that none of us can escape death forever. Many of the people that benefit most from Spiritual Healing are the terminally ill, those about to die, and their relatives, who are often in pain, watching their loved ones suffering from incurable diseases.

This is when a caring healer is acting in a supporting role, even to the point of a passing being referred to as a "beautiful death", when the time comes, by relatives who see their loved ones die, at peace with themselves, and those around them.

In the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, it is clearly seen how Buddhism embraces death as a natural part of the cycle of life, not as something to fear. Perhaps there is something here for us to learn in the West.

What happens during a Spiritual Healing session?
Not much really! As the healee, you will probably sit in a chair or lie, face up, on a couch. A blanket will be offered and you may want to remove your shoes.

It's as well to point out here that it is never necessary to remove any clothing, except maybe your shoes and overcoat, if you wore one. Some healers touch, others don't. Expect to be asked for permission if your healer wants to touch you. It is never okay, or required, for a healer to touch your breasts, genital or anal areas. Children can only ever be seen or treated with their parents consent and presence.

You need to know your appointment time, how long the session will last, how much it will cost, assuming you are being charged. Some healers don't charge, or ask for donations only. Only discuss with the healer what you want to, YOU are in charge, and it is not required to divulge your life history (unless you want to of course, in which case you may want to book a double appointment).

During the session, you may feel heat, cold, some tingling sensations, or you may feel nothing at all. None of these indications will have a bearing on whether the healing is effective or not. It's just that some people are naturally 'in tune' with their pain, injuries or body functions, and may interpret the healing energy as heat or cold etc.
Barring earthquakes, of course, the Earth very definitely, will not move!

Can I cancel my hospital and doctors appointments, or stop taking my medication, seeing as I'm going over to being treated by a Spiritual Healer?
Heavens NO! . . . Don't ever think that!. . . Your own doctor is in charge of your care. Healers neither have the desire, nor the right to try to take over, and it goes against the whole code of ethics to which healers subscribe.

There are rare cases now, of course, where your doctor IS your Spiritual Healer, as more and more qualified doctors, nurses and surgeons become healers themselves, and can see the successes from both sides of the complementary fence, so to speak. Healers are forbidden to diagnose a client's condition, or countermand the advice and treatment regime of a doctor or surgeon. To do so would invite a whirlwind of litigation.

If I go into hospital, am I allowed to see a Spiritual Healer?
Yes, it's your right to have a healer visit you in hospital. It is customary and good manners to inform the hospital staff of what you intend to do, prior to commencing any healing session. There may be certain restrictions placed by the medical authorities, such as privacy, relatives only visiting, or access to certain wards, such as intensive care units, but for the most part there is increasingly more and more cooperation seen in hospitals and care homes.

Does healing always work?
I think healing always does some good no matter what the final outcome. Sometimes one session is enough, other times it will take several sessions and the benefits will unfold over time. Patients always feel relaxed, usually they get a good nights sleep afterwards, and continue to receive positive improvement for some time after the session.

Healers will never claim to be able to cure you and recovery cannot be guaranteed.

Am I allowed to bring a friend/husband/wife/relation along to my healing session?
But of course you can! The whole point is that you receive your healing in a warm and friendly atmosphere, one in which you can relax and soak up the healing energies to use as you feel the need. Healing is not a secretive practice and all are welcome to observe and participate. It would be a requirement, probably, that they remain quiet during the session, so that the moment is not broken for you. It's not quite the same as going to the hairdressers.

The answers to these frequently asked questions are mine and do not, nor are they intended to represent, the opinions, expressed or implied, of any of the professional bodies that I belong to, or am a member of.

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