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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

Can Spiritual Healers Guarantee Their Work?

Phil, for 1m can you guarantee to cure me? No, sorry, I can't! But then, neither can anyone else

The honest answer is absolutely 100% - NO. Healing does not come with a guarantee. Will I do everything in my power, and the universal power, to help you? Yes, absolutely 100% - I will!

The reason this article has been written is because, just a few months ago, I had a phone call and email from the United States. The man sounded poorly but also very sincere. He offered me $1,000,000 if I could cure him of MS. MS as you will know stands for Multiple Sclerosis. He explained his condition had gotten worse and he now had Secondary-Progressive MS.

When I think about what I could have done with $1,000,000. I often dream of The Haven Healing Centre being somewhere in a quiet little valley, a humble place in a sprawling landscape, where people can come and go freely for healing and therapy. Plenty of parking, with little chalets scattered around the place for people to stay in if they have travelled great distances. Somewhere where healers, therapists, dowsers, nurses, carers and anyone else interested in this work can get together to discuss together, work together, theorize together and further the interests of this work in helping others.

It was difficult, but I managed to convince the gentleman that whilst I was happy to do everything I possibly could to help him, I simply could not guarantee he would be cured of his MS. Obviously I will need to find another way to set up the Mega Haven Healing Centre. If it's meant to happen one day, of course, it will. But, not today........

The second incident was a letter from Australia, from someone with cancer, looking for a guarantee that I could cure her of this terrible affliction. Likewise, I had to decline and explain that it was not possible, ethical or allowable, in the healers code, to guarantee a cure.

Lastly, just a few days ago, I had a phone call from someone in the UK with deep red blotches around her eyes and down the side of her face. She explained that she'd been to one doctor after another who were unable to offer any help. She'd had plastic surgery, make up advice, various forms of therapy and spent a small fortune on operations to rid her of this 'disfigurement'.

She was asking for distant healing for her condition, and it soon became obvious, there was far more to this than just the facial discolouration. There were emotional considerations, as well as physical pain. Depression, anxiety at meeting people, sadness, an inability to form relationships, anger, were all manifesting in her life, and probably with good reason.

As she was really pressing for me to help her and now turned to offering rather large sums of money, I explained that I wasn't sure if distant healing would help the facial discolouration, but it was perfectly okay to try. Perhaps it is true that this condition is as permanent as say, a missing finger or limb.

She managed to accept that healing couldn't re-grow a missing finger. I did promise to include the emotional turmoil she was going through in the request for distant healing, in the hope that she would be better able to cope with the condition.

Just as I was about to hang up, she said, "This is guaranteed isn't it? I will be cured won't I?" It was obvious that I had failed to get through to this lady at a very fundamental level. Maybe it was just desperation, actually, that's quite likely. But, it was clear that no matter what I said, she could only hear the bits that she felt would advance her own healing and then interpreted that as some kind of guarantee.

I guess there's a lesson here to all healers. No matter how accurately you explain what it is you are going to do, that information is only as good as the person who is interpreting it. Do you know anybody who asks their doctor for a guarantee? No, neither do I! We accept that our doctors and surgeons will do everything they possibly can to help us, based on current knowledge and their expertise, but they can never issue a guarantee.

So What Are We To Do?
I want this article to set the record straight. Everything in nature occurs in accordance with the laws governing nature. Everything that we can accomplish in our body's and in our minds occurs in accordance with the laws that govern our chemistry and our thoughts.

Ideas and thoughts are like seeds. To grow successfully and come to fruition they have to be planted in fertile soil. This fertile soil, from a healing point of view, is our belief system and the conditions we create for the growth of such seed.

If we consider that our body is too diseased, too distorted, too disfigured and too disfunctional to get better, that what we are asking of it is impossible to achieve, then the body will simply reject any attempt to heal it and our minds will congratulate us on figuring out this healing stuff is nonsense because it doesn't work.

Any attempt to help the body trigger its own healing response, planting the seed if you like, will be thwarted by us not watering it and nurturing it, for the time required to produce a result. Equally, if the soil is not conducive to the growth of the seed, then the seed may not even sprout. On the farm, the farmer must re-work the soil until it is fertile. This may involve removing toxins from the soil, or adding nutrients that the seed needs to grow successfully.

In the same way, we may need to help our body's recover by removing toxins. Such as, giving up smoking or excessive quantities of alcohol, foods and chemicals that are not good for us. But not only that. We may need to encourage healing by providing a good foundation for the body to get well again, by adding nutritious foods to our diet, drinking lots of cleansing water and breathing unpolluted air (by that I mean lacking in the carcinogens of tobacco smoke).

By concluding that it is possible to heal ourselves and taking the necessary steps to see that the body is capable of accepting the healing, then there is no limit to what the body can do in its own favour.

The other item we discussed briefly is the mind and the way the mind can deceive us into believing we are wasting our time. These are thoughts that can change the course of our recovery. Self doubt, anxiety and disbelief are like weeds that can grow up around and choke the seed.

The way to deal with this is to remove the weeds that are competing for space, nutrition and water. Not just once, but again and again, until the seed is so strong and so advanced that nothing can stop it reaching maturity. Thus, it is possible to change the way we think about something and to change our responses to it. The best way is to do healing again and again, building on the successes each time.

Repeated healings have the effect of routing out self doubt. The mind will at first dislike this confusion, reasoning that 'well, I've told you this is nonsense, so why are you carrying on doing it over and over again?' Eventually, coming to the conclusion, 'Well ok, if you're continuing to do something that I've recommended you stop, it must be okay to do and may even be doing some good'. The mind will eventually accept that it's no longer nonsense and will even reach the stage where it triggers the thought to do the healing itself.

This is when, instead of the normal fits and starts of a seeds growing cycle, you can achieve a strong, steady, sustained growth that can see the body make huge leaps toward its own recovery. You've heard the phrase "energy follows thought"? Well by the time you've trained the mind to accept what it is you're doing, you will have increased the power of it 10 times.

One of the best ways to help the body continue to repair itself is to experience good health in the mind. Every time you attend a healing session, look for some positive outcome and remind yourself, over and over again of the benefits of healing. This will encourage the mind to build a picture of your desired outcome. You will live these moments in the present by bringing them to your consciousness. These are real moments and you will feel as well in reality as your mind feels in vision.

How Is This Achieved?
The farmer doesn't actually grow the seed. With his experience and knowledge, he just provides the right conditions for the seed to grow to its full potential. The seed already contains all the instructions (the laws of nature) it needs to grow as it should.

Likewise, the healer doesn't actually make anyone better. What we do is lay the foundations for the body to heal itself. Even that sounds a bit grandiose. We encourage the healee to reach a relaxed state by offering calming sounds, warmth, comfort and secure surroundings. And then, by focusing our hearts and minds, request that we be used as a channel for the Universal Energy of healing, so that the recipient may absorb as much of the healing energy as they require, in order that they may heal themselves.

The body will know what to do with this energy, just as the seed knows how to grow. When you plant a seed, apart from watering maybe, and the occasional time spent tending it, you must leave it alone, and allow it to grow. Likewise, with the body, once we have made the changes that will give it optimum conditions, we must learn to let go, and trust that the healing and the energy will bring the body back to normal health.

However small or large the result, keep trying, keep healing, maintain the right conditions and never give up. Farmers don't plant a few seeds and hope for the best, they plant whole fields of them. It is normal to expect that some will be lost to wastage, disease, drought or vermin. This ensures that the majority reach maturity. In the same way, regular healings will give you the best chance of getting your desired outcome.

Healers must never, can never give you a guarantee of a result. It goes against every code of ethics that they abide by. But I hope that this article goes some way to explaining just what it is we hope to achieve together whilst healing. And, that by continuing to believe in your own ability to get better, you will be able to manifest those things that you desire.

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