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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

Insomnia and other Sleep Disorders

Understanding Insomnia, Treating Insomnia, Living With Insomnia and Finding Ways to Sleep

Sorry! A great way to start an article, I know, but I'm sorry because this is a blatant advert for one of my own products. Here's why:

You'll have no doubt seen on the other pages that I have produced a Self Healing Meditation - Invoking the healer within. If not, you can find it here; The Healers Self Healing Meditation Page.

To date, hundreds of these have gone out, to sufferers across the world. And I feel mightily privileged that so many have entrusted me to help them with what is a very difficult problem.

Very often these individuals write first and so I am able to reply to them. Around 2 to 3 weeks after they purchase their CD, I sometimes write to ask how they are doing with the disc and whether they have any thoughts on it that they might like to share.

Almost everyone who writes back reports that they have only just managed too, or have never, reached the end of the meditation, BECAUSE THEY FALL ASLEEP PART WAY THROUGH! And, this from some very experienced healers and others who meditate regularly.

Because this happened so often, I did start to wonder if it was because I was a boring old f#rt and just sent them to sleep..... Smile! But I am constantly reassured that this is simply because it is the most deeply relaxing routine they have ever heard. Phew!

So on that basis, if you have trouble sleeping I'm inviting you to try this as a way to treat your insomnia, rather than having to resort to medication. Insomnia has many triggers, such as money worries, family problems, health problems, job insecurity and other things, and these may be difficult to resolve in the short term.

This can lead to a pattern of long term insomnia in many people, but one thing is certain; If you get a good nights sleep, dealing with these issues will be so much easier than if you're exhausted and not thinking straight.

Break the Cycle of Insomnia Right Now!

A Self Healing Meditation - "Invoking The Healing Power Within"

The Healers Self Healing Meditation Your Own Self Healing Health Plan for Insomnia.

I did not set out for this self healing meditation to be specifically useful for insomnia. You'll see from the meditation page that it is aimed at stressed, emotionally exhausted individuals who work in the health profession. However, it is obvious that if anyone remains in this condition for long enough, depression and/or anxiety will set in, as well as all manner of physical illnesses. Insomnia is often a by product of these conditions.

Insomnia affects the lives of countless people across the globe. This meditation CD is a powerful antidote to insomnia, depression, anxiety and lots of other symptoms and is designed to generate deep relaxation. This will initiate a healing response in the body which is the crucial first step toward lasting change and recovery. I invite you to give The Healers Own Self Healing Meditation a try for yourself.

The simple way to help you conquer your insomnia, get back the strength, health and enthusiasm you once had, and KEEP IT!  
For your copy, visit The Healers Self Healing Meditation Page, or to order online:
click here >>>>

Historic Update: Since writing this page many years ago, I have created another CD that works alongside, or independently, of the Self Healing Meditation discribed below. The website is here: SleepSoundlyNow.co.uk. You are very welcome to go there and learn a great deal more about insomnia and the cures available than can be described on this page.

What the medical profession says about insomnia.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by disturbances in a normal sleep pattern e.g. an inability to get to sleep or waking up after only a few hours sleep.

Sleep is as essential to our wellbeing as food, air and water. It is a state of consciousnesses, which gives our body time to rest and build up our strength, to repair damaged tissue and to create a distinct gap between daily periods of intense mental and physical activity. Insomnia is having too little or poor-quality sleep often caused by worrying about things, or because we have a disease or psychological problem of some kind.

Sometimes insomnia can cause, or be caused by, anxiety, depression, anger, grief, emotional or physical difficulties that seem insurmountable, our environment, pain in the body somewhere, and lots of other reasons. They all produce the same result, sleep deprivation, and consequently, exhaustion.

While we are asleep, our body goes through different stages at approximately 90 minute cycles. These include light sleep, deep sleep and dreaming, or rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. REM sleep allows the mind time to file things away. When asleep, the mind is very active during REM sleep, sorting out and making sense of the events of the previous day.

During this time the body can be subjected to high levels of autonomic arousal which causes our nervous system to get very agitated. The other types of sleep are restorative slow wave sleep and allow us time to regain our strength and vitality.

There are different types of insomnia and it is likely you will be able to identify with at least one of them. They are:-
Transient Insomnia (short term) - lasting for a night, a few nights or weeks only, perhaps connected to a stressful event e.g. an exam, divorce, a bereavement, anxiety or even jet-lag.

Intermittent Insomnia (from time to time) - also lasting for a few nights or weeks, but with a tendency to recur on a regular basis.

Acute Insomnia (medium term) - Lasting from 2 weeks to several months. Comes with increased chance of accidents and irritability due to sudden and severe sleep deprivation.

Chronic Insomnia (long term) - Can last for several weeks, months or even years. Chronic insomnia can lead to mental health problems such as depression, or misuse of alcohol or other medicines in order to gain sleep. The most likely cause is usually a long term medical condition, less than ideal environmental factors, or relationship issues that cause long term anxiety.

Every individual is different so, it is hard to define what ‘normal sleep’ is for us. Relevant factors include age, lifestyle, diet and environment.

It is important to know that nearly everyone has problems sleeping at some time or other. Women are twice as likely to suffer from insomnia than men, and it is thought that a third of people in the UK have bouts of insomnia.

What can I do to help my insomnia?

  • Try to go to bed at the same time each night as this establishes a body rhythm.
  • Try to get up at the same time each day. Staying in bed because you're tired has a knock on effect for the night routine.
  • Avoid caffeine (coffee, tea, cola drink and food additives), nicotine, junk food and alcohol late in the evening or before retiring.
  • Take regular exercise. This encourages circulation to the extremities which can ache if they stagnate.
  • Try to make lunchtime the main meal of the day (Ayurvedic tradition). Eat dinner at least 2 to 3 hours before retiring.
  • Keep your bedroom cool, quiet and dark.
  • Do something relaxing before going to bed; reading, listening to music or taking a relaxing bath are good.
  • Set a time to fall asleep, say 30 mins. If you are still awake get up.
    • Choose an activity that is BORING, not pleasurable. Ironing, washing up, dusting, pairing socks, anything that you consider boring. Don't reward the brain for staying active, and it will soon get the idea that sleep is definitely the better option.
  • Use your bed for sleep and sex only; not work, watching TV, eating meals, chatting on the phone or surfing the internet with your laptop.
  • Don't start or continue an argument with someone close at bedtime or in bed.
    • If you have argued earlier in the day, try to reach an amicable conclusion before bedtime (see notes on REM sleep) so that you go to bed with the issue settled.
  • Never get angry with yourself if you can't sleep. Beating yourself up will almost always guarantee a sleepless night.

So, what do I do if all else fails? Try this....

The Healers Self Healing Meditation CD - Playtime approx. 35mins

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