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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

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The Miracle of Self Healing - A Hands-on Energy Technique to Heal the Mind and Body!

Enjoy and experience the benefits of tapping into your own healing ability with this guided self healing meditation

You can be your own healer!
There are millions of people around the globe using this technique already. You may even be one of them. Some just call it healing, others Reiki, Spiritual healing, energy healing, Chakra healing and many other names and modalities.

The Miracle of Self Healing CD

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It is not something new, nor is it something I have created. It is the fundamental healing process found in all cultures, healing modalities and nationalities in the history of mankind.

The bit I love the most, is that I have a passion for stripping away the glitter and clutter, the mystery and secrecy, and yes, sometimes the nonsense, and presenting things like this healing technique in a way that everyone can do for themselves, as easily as reaching for a pain killer or an anti-depressant.

That's what the Distant Healer Home Therapist Series is all about. Giving everyone the tools they need to do the job for themselves, in a confident and effective way. Just as our ancestors used to do.

Free Instruction Sheet: The Miracle of Self Healing CD even comes with a FREE instruction sheet, showing you the hand positions, as they are described on the CD, and also the positional variations that allow you more choices for taking part. This is to make the meditation singularly simple and easy to do!

Don't I need training and experience to do this?
No, not at all! All those courses, and exams, and certificates, you have been told you need to be a healer, only goes to show how far we have come away from our Source of healing. That we can be pursuaded we need a qualification to heal ourselves is part of the nonsense I was referring too a moment ago.

Think about it for a second. You have been healing yourself since the day you were born. Every day, 24hrs a day your body has been set the task of helping you maintain a balanced health. And, hasn't it done a good job for you up to now?

The trouble is, because it's something that goes on in the background, we hardly notice it happening at all. It's usually only when something hurts that we take notice, and focus our attentions on self healing. This is when you can make a difference!

Now some of us may have reached the stage where we more often reach for the medicine cabinet than we do our central core, but isn't that how advertisers have set us up to feel incapable and so we need them more and more? By placing doubt in our ability to heal ourselves, or that a tablet will do it quicker, we can begin to feel helpless over our own health.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes medicine is a good thing, a necessary thing, and we can remain seriously ill without it. But it is most often not our only option. Think about how often a medicine is designed to suppress your symptoms. Suppression of symptoms is not a cure, and very often the condition takes longer to heal because the chemicals in the preparation interfere with the bodies ability to heal itself.

Finding yourself here probably means you were meant to find this page! Don't ignore your intuition if it's telling you to try this out. I was skeptical once, but regular self healing worked for me. Let it work for you!

Q. How can I be so confident that this is among the best healing methods ever?
A. I can recommend this self healing system to you because it is the very same method I use myself. Anytime I feel ill or out of balance, I find somewhere quiet and use the technique on myself, for a few minutes, and very quickly the problem usually dissipates to nothing or is considerably reduced.

Q. How can I heal myself? I've always relied on someone else before.
A. This is a good question which has a very simple answer. You only ever heal yourself!
Lots of people think the doctor does it. Actually, lots of doctors think they do it too! But that's another issue.

The body's natural tendency is to move toward a state of health
The fact is your body is designed to heal itself. If it wasn't, none of us would reach our 1st birthday. Most of our healing is going on internally and happens without our knowledge (or permission), all the time, 24 hours a day. When we cut ourselves or get a nasty bruise, that's the bit we do notice. But even then, within a few days the cut heals, the bruise fades, and you can't even remember what the pain felt like.

The body is constantly looking for a point of balance. It's not trying to be superfit, or "super" anything. It just looks for balance. And so we see ourselves swing from feeling groggy one day, to great another day. A natural ebb and flow, into and out of a state of health and wellness.

Q. Where do we get this potential for self healing?
A. From our DNA. All biological organisms are constructed from their DNA pattern. This pattern is found in the cells of the body at electron microscope level. The DNA is a self replicating molecule that has the capacity to look itself over, figure out what's wrong and then set about creating enzymes specifically designed to fix itself and repair the damage.

This means that the body can diagnose breaks and repair damage caused by the many toxins we encounter in everyday life, including those that we inflict on ourself like cigarette smoke, drugs and other pollutants. This healing ability includes collections of cells that form into organs, such as the heart, stomach or the skin.

We see an immense capacity for healing and repair. Look what happens when you cut yourself! Think of how quickly you get over cuts and illness and coughs and headaches. The body actually wants to be healthy and is striving to achieve that at every moment.

When the body is finding that difficult, or when we have polluted our bodies so that they become exhausted from trying, then we apply a treatment designed to kick start the healng process, to give the body a helping hand.

The body is deficient in some way because it lacks the energy to function normally. It's a bit like pouring soda down a blocked drain. The soda brings energy where there was none. The drain is stagnant and cold, sticky and blocked. Soda brings chemical energy to the drain and the contents heat up. It also brings 'slip' to the drain lining to get things moving.

In just the same way, any deficiency or overwhelming of the body requires that energy be applied. Whether that be heat, cold, medicine, vitamins, or the energy that drives our own healing, that of the bodies connection to nature and space, its place of origin.

You can unleash your natural healing abilities by using this effective method of energetic releasing and balancing.

Q. How does this work?
A. Energy is everything. Everything is energy. Energy is a vibration. A vibration has a frequency, and therefore, everything has a frequency. Health has an energetic frequency. A disease has an energetic frequency. When we are ill, our healthy frequency is changed to the disease frequency. It is said, we become unbalanced, energetically.

Self healing is about correcting that frequency imbalance, and, you can see where we're going with this; changing the energy pattern to bring it back to a point of harmony and balance.

Q. Is this treatment or healing?
A. It is important to remember - treatment is from outside. It is something done to you, usually by someone else, a doctor, or a consultant, or a nurse. Healing comes from within. Treatment, even self treatment, promotes healing, and healing is when you bring yourself back closer to your Source.

Q. Can treatment be the cure?
A. Actually we're in danger of alienating one against the other and of course, both are fundamental to the cure.

There is no doubt that millions and millions of people, old and young, would not be alive today if it weren't for anti-biotics. It is only natural therefore, to think that anti-biotics caused the cure, because often, very quickly after taking a course, you are feeling better and are out of danger.

But that is to misrepresent exactly what anti-biotics do. Anti-biotics wipe out massive populations of germs and bacteria down to a level where the immune system can take over the job of dealing with the infection that had previously been overwhelming the body.

The immune system is the way in which the body cures itself and repairs the damage. Anti-biotics facilitate the cure, they are not the cure. Instead they were instrumental in removing the obstacle to self healing. Likewise other methods of treatment allow healing to occur by activating the bodies healing potential. This leads me to restate that the real source of healing is from within. The bodies inbuilt ability to move from one energetic state to another.

It is the body's natural tendency to move toward a state of health
It is a well known scientific principle that one packet of energy will have a proportional effect on another packet of energy whenever the two meet in time and space. The greater the energy packet, the greater the influence of one over the other. If thought is energy (remember everything is energy), then the mind is an energetic body creating packets of thought energy. We all know how the mind can influence the body.

The attention and intention we have to self heal is based on the same principle. So asking the question; When should I do the self healing routine? The answer is; whenever you feel unwell. Later, when you see the benefits of self healing, you will naturally do this, not only when you are ill, but when you are well, in an effort to stay healthy.

Enhance your health naturally through self healing. This CD from the The Haven Healing Centre Home Therapist Series will change your life! That much I will promise you! Order your copy now, see what it can do to help you regain the control and power in your life that you deserve and have a right too.

What do I have to do?
Taking part is very simple. I'm sure you already have an idea of what is wrong and the things you'd like to 'fix', so I won't give examples here.

When you are ready, find a really comfortable chair in a quiet spot and play the CD or mp3. As you follow along, I will ask you to place your hands in specific areas or joints of your body. You leave your hands there for a few seconds and move to the next place.

If you look at the supplied hand position sheet beforehand, then you will see exactly where I will be directing you. You may only need to refer to this once, as the positions are easy to follow. I promise you, it really is that simple!
The Miracle of Self Healing, Written and read by Philip Chave

CD Price: 6.95 inc. P&P
MP3 Price: 2.49 with INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

How to Order Your CD Online or Through the Post
The Miracle of Self Healing Meditation CD The CD costs 6.95, postage paid, or the equivalent, worldwide. That's less than the price of 1 UK prescription and a lot less than the cost of 1 therapy treatment at your local spa. Yet, you can use this technique as often as you need too.

Alternatively, send your UK cheque (made payable to "Philip Chave") or cash payment, to: Mr P Chave, The Haven Healing Centre, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset BS27 3RU.

If you do send cash, please wrap it up in a padded envelope in several layers of paper so that it is not viewable through the envelope. I will not be responsible for cash lost in the post, but it shouldn't be a problem if you take sensible precautions to conceal it. Cheques do take a few days to clear, so expect a short posting delay.
Please don't forget to include, the CD/DVD/MP3 title you are ordering and your return address. Thank You.

Testimonials - This CD/mp3 sells all over the world. Here's what people have said:
  • Phil, it wasn't until I felt this good that I realized I've been ill for years. Ken Bride, Scotland

  • Dear Phil, you've made this so simple even I can learn it, and I've now taught it to my daughter. Sharon Hardin, South West, Cornwall

  • When I tune in your voice causes me to relax and let the world go by, and the meditation guides me to a profound healing state. Excellent work. I appreciate your giving and willingness to share of your gifts. Ellen Cooper, USA


Note 2: Whilst this CD has proved very effective for many people, you have to want what you wish to achieve with relaxation meditation, really, really want it. You have to be motivated and willing to work with it, not just pretending or hoping that this meditation CD will do it for you. If you are motivated and believe you can do it, you will do it!

The important thing is not to give up! Building up small, but measurable successes, helps the body to make permanent changes. I recommend persistent use of this CD. For optimum results please try to listen to your CD everyday for a minimum of 30 days. Try to be as consistent as possible in order that you might achieve your goals. - Phil

Note 3: Copyright Notice. All material produced by The Haven Healing Centre and the Distant Healer Home Therapist Series is protected by copyright law. You may make one backup copy of your CD or MP3 for your own personal use. You may not otherwise reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, or create derivative works of this material, unless authorized by The Haven Healing Centre. Thank you for your understanding.

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