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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

Sinus Problems, Sinusitis, Allergies, Headaches & Lymphatic Congestion

What are sinuses?
Sinuses are air-filled pockets, or cavities, within the bones of the face. These hollow air spaces are known as paranasal sinuses because they are closely associated with the nose. They include:
  • The Frontal Sinus. Roughly diamond shape it lies just above the eyes and behind the eyebrows.
  • The Ethmoid Sinuses are a small group of tiny air sacs just behind the bridge of the nose and between the eyes.
  • The Sphenoid sinuses are located behind the Ethmoids at the top of the nose and behind the eyes.
  • The Maxillary Sinuses are large sinuses and found in the cheekbones.
  • The Turbinate Bones are any of the scrolled spongy bones of the nasal passages.
How do the sinuses work?
The sinuses are lined with tissue which itself is comprised of mucus producing cells and ciliated cells. The ciliated, or tiny hair cells, use a swaying motion to move the mucus from the sinuses, into the nasal passages, where it mixes with the nasal mucus.

This mucus then moves over the adenoids, at the back of the nose, where it is sampled for infection (bacteria), dust and other foreign substances. The adenoids then manufacture antibodies to destroy any infection. In normal circumstances, the flow of mucus, down to the back of the throat, is continuous.

So what can go wrong?
Our mucus flushing system can shut down when it becomes blocked. This can occur when we have colds, an allergy or there is an obstruction, or swelling, in the drainage passages. Unfortunately, mucus production doesn't stop and there is a pressure build up.

In fact, the likely resulting infection causes the body to react by increasing the flow of fluid and white blood cells, into the sinuses, to fight the infection. This accelerates the problem. You have Sinusitis.

What causes Sinusitis?
Sinusitis starts as a blockage of the drainage pathways from the sinuses to the back of the nose. Whether by cold, allergy, or other cause, mucus builds up inside the sinuses and can't escape. This results in pressure or pain, or both.

This mucus, is now warm, moist, separated from the adenoids which sample it for purity and contains nutrients. Guess what? That's the ideal growing medium for bacteria. What results is acute sinusitis, which can last for up to three weeks. After three weeks, it's called chronic sinusitis, and can be much more difficult to treat.

What's going to happen to me?
Sinus infection, blockage and pressure can cause pain, tenderness and headache, as well as the hugely uncomfortable 'stuffed up' feeling in the face. You may also have other symptoms, such as fever, weakness, tiredness and a cough. Because of the increased fluid production in the sinus and nasal area, the bit that is released into the nasal passages is free to leave via the nose. This results in a clear or yellowish discharge (rhinitis).

This blue box is an infomercial for my Sinus Tapping and Lymph Drainage DVD. If you are looking for help with your condition, you have the option of trying the tapping chart, linked here, which is FREE, or the DVD, which you can find here.

Due to the success of The Sinus Tapping and Lymph Drainage Massage Technique and the phenominal number of times the Sinus Chart has been downloaded in the last 3 years, the whole process is now available on DVD.

This easy to learn system, to ease sinus congestion and lymphatic congestion, has been filmed, to enable you to learn the technique quickly and accurately, just by following along with the disc. Thus, you can practice at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.
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What's the normal method of treatment for Sinusitis?
Because any infection is usually of bacterial origin, broad spectrum antibiotics may be used. But once sinusitis becomes chronic, there are only so many courses of antibiotics you can take before your body begins to react against the continual bombardment of antibiotics. Increasingly, our bodies are reacting violently against the stronger and stronger antibiotics that are necessary to combat ever increasingly resistant bacteria.

Decongestants, mucus thinners and saline nasal washes, analgesics, nasal sprays and steroids are the other options. However, even these become irritants after a few days of use and often result in even more congestion and swelling than before. It's also useful to look at possible allergies for long term sinusitis, as it is likely that this is where the long term solution lies.

Why have you gone to all this trouble to explain about sinuses?
Just recently (Feb - May 2004) I've done healing sessions on quite a few people with long-term sinus congestion, perhaps more than would account for chance. Either that, or words gotten around.

I am a devoted EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, which is a technique used to deal with emotional and physical problems in emotionally traumatised people. I have noticed, even in myself, how the tapping that we do on the meridian lines in the face, seems to have the effect of clearing sinuses of blockages. So I did some more research and discovered that our lymph nodes and sinuses, as well as being close together, often share the locations of stuffiness and pain associated with sinus blockage.

As a consequence, I came up with this Sinus and Lymph Drainage Chart, which you are free to print and give away to anyone who you think may benefit from it's use.

Important Medical Notice: While early tests show that the Sinus and Lymph Drainage Chart procedure has produced some good results in relieving sinus congestion, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and for information purposes only.
I am a healer, that does not mean I am a licensed health professional, nor do I work in the medical profession. As I have no control over how you use this information, you must take full responsibility of your use of it and do so at your own risk.
If that is not possible, then please don't use it.
The Sinus and Lymph Drainage Chart is NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or your medication. If you have any doubts, please consult a licensed health care provider regarding your medical condition.

What do I have to do?
The idea is that you use the Sinus and Lymph Drainage Chart to find, in yourself, the sinuses and lymph nodes, and either tap or rub them to encourage the release of mucus, lymph, waste and toxins that collect in these places.

How do I do the tapping?
You can tap with either hand but it is probably more convenient to tap with your dominant hand (e.g. use your right hand if you are right handed). Tap with the fingertips of your index finger and middle finger.

This covers a slightly larger area than just tapping with one fingertip and allows you to cover the sinus areas more easily. Tap solidly, with shortened finger nails, but never so hard as to hurt, bruise or cut yourself. Tap between 7 and 10 times on, and around, each sinus point.

The rubbing is just as easy to do. Use your dominant index or middle finger, or both. Pick the spot and use a slight circular pressure, so that you mark out an area around the outside edge of a 1 new penny piece.

What order should I do the tapping?...
  • Tap: Start with the Frontal Sinus just behind and above the eyebrow. Remember to be reasonably firm, you are tapping on bone.
  • Tap: Find the Ethmoid Sinuses just behind the bridge of the nose and between the eyes.
  • Tap: From the nose, along the orbital ridge bone below the eye and out toward the Sphenoid Sinus.
  • Tap: Go down the Turbinate Bones along the outside edge of the nose.
  • Tap: Move out to the Maxillary Sinuses along the cheekbone.
  • Rub: The area at the base of the Frontal Sinus just above the Ethmoid Sinuses.
  • Rub: Move down to the side of the nose and do the Facial Node. It's okay to do both sides at the same time from now on.
  • Rub: Your fingers along the cheekbones, rubbing as you go to take care of the Buccal Glands.
  • Rub: The Parotid Glands, just in front of the ear.
  • Rub: The Auricular Nodes, just behind the ear, level with the bottom lobe.
  • Rub: The Eustachian Tube, just in front of the ear and down toward the back teeth.
  • Rub: The Occipital Glands at the back of the head. Feel for the Occipital Ridge and find the dent just below it, toward the sides of the head.
  • Rub: The Submental Nodes, just in in the dent under the chin.
  • Rub: The Submandibular Nodes at the side of the neck below the jaw.
Note: This procedure should take no more than 2 minutes, and will only take 1 minute when you know where all the points are. Very simple!

Where can I download the Distant Healer Sinus Chart? ....... Right here! Just visit this link and hit print on the task bar. Distant Healer Sinus Chart.

Sinus Tapping and Lymph Drainage Technique News

The Sinus Tapping and Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique - Click here to learn more. Anyone who prefers to have a visual way of learning something new will love this. By popular request, this whole process has been completely revised and updated, and is now available on DVD, with easy to learn instructions.

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Can Spiritual Healing help with Sinus Problems?
I'm more than happy to tell you, YES, I'm certain that it can help! There have been so many individuals that ask for healing who have had really bad sinus problems, sometimes for years, that get off the couch with their nose streaming, eyes streaming, and for there to generally be such a huge release of tension and pain in the sinuses, that I can honestly say I am totally convinced of its usefullness in this area.

Age, sex, the progress of any illness, or the extent of any disease, is not an issue with Healing and I'm always ready to try Healing on everything. Healers cannot, and should never, promise a cure, but there is little wrong with any of us that I have not found is helped in some way by Spiritual Healing.

Whether hospitalisation is required or not, Healing brings with it a very deep sense of calm and reassurance. Our body's have a very strong sense of recovery, and occasionally, a little encouragement by the direction of Healing Energy to where it's most needed, can have a very desirable result. Healing can reduce the recovery time following a hospital stay, or at any time we are unwell.


Dear Phil,
Thank you for sending "The Sinus Tapping and Lymph Drainage Technique" DVD so expediently. I have chronic sinusitis, and have been on antibiotics several times. Your DVD has been a real eyeopener, I have been applying your technique for a few days now, and the swelling in one of my eyelids has been greatly reduced. Also my breathing through the nose has improved.... I am excited about the improvements that I have experienced,... Thank you very kindly.
John L., Ontario, Canada.

Dear Phil,
Thanks for this chart, I've been using it for 3 weeks now. Normally, this time of year (May), I'd be on all sorts of medication for my sinuses. I was very bad this week for a couple of days, and so took my tablets, but the worst is gone again now, and the tapping seems to be keeping it under control. I'm glad to not need the tablets all the time, because sometimes they make it worse. Just thought others would like to know. Thanks again.
Linda, Bristol, UK.

Phil's Comment: Thanks for that Linda. Sorry you had to resort to tablets again, but I hope you feel that once in 3 weeks is a good result. Everyone, please remember the chart is designed to relieve symptoms, it's not a cure. More feedback please!!

Dear Distant Healer,
I just wanted to write and let you know, I've been using your sinus chart for over 2 years, on and off. Thank you for the encouragement to try something new and the instructions to carry it out. I just wanted to say thank you for your help and let you know there has been a marked improvement in my condition over that time.
Shelley Murray, Manchester, UK.

Dear Mr Chave,
I recently read your very interesting article on sinus congestion and lymphatic congestion. My disc arrived today and I have been doing the tapping with my son, who is seven. He has been to one doctor after another, one specialist after another. Nothing could be done except surgery. In desperation I searched for a cure for David and found your site. His symptoms have improved and continue to do so the more we use your technique. I will certainly be bringing this up at his next appointment. I thought this might be of interest to you.
Mrs C Mckay, Edinburgh.

Phil's Comment: I'll say!! Thanks for that Catherine. I hope David continues to show improvement over the coming months.

Dear Phil
I have been using your sinus and lymph drainage chart for a couple of months now, and I wanted to write to thank you for it. It's been absolutely brilliant - I've gone from waking most mornings with a headache to not having them at all - how fantastic! I live In Bristol which is very damp and I think that it was the damp that was aggravating me - I'd got to the point where I was thinking I'd have to move! Anyway, thank you very much. I've just downloaded it again for a friend, and that prompted me to write to you.
I wish you health and happiness. Love Luci.
Luci, Bristol, UK.

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