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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

Crystals, Minerals, Earth Stones, Gemstones and their Metaphysical Healing Properties - Part One

Answering your questions about crystals

A variety of feldspar. Gentle, calming, relaxing and soothing. Helps to strengthen the physical body. Works well on the throat, thyroid and the nervous system, bringing power to expression. Is also said to build confidence, bring joy and is used to enhance creative expression. Chakra: Heart and throat.

The fossilized resin of prehistoric pine trees. Good for mental clarity, harmony, inner balance and confidence. Excellent for detoxification of the body systems and protection from spiritual harm. An excellent manifesting stone which holds the pure ancient healing rays of the sun. Chakra: Solar plexus.

Amethyst Crystal used in Crystal Healing Well known to absorb and dissolve negativity which helps against stress and nightmares. Works at all levels, mind, body and spirit.

Said to be good for the head, headaches, eyes, scalp and hair, by purification and renewal. Thought to increase spiritual awareness, meditation and concentration by raising energy levels.

Also helps with arthritis, hearing and the skeleton. Aids blood sugar balance. Believed (from Ancient Greek times) to work well for those suffering from frustrations and addictions, particularly alcohol. It's a very important stone in Ayurveda circles. Chakra: Third eye and crown.

A variety of beryl. Calms the nerves, helps self-expression, gives mental clarity and dispells fears, phobias and stress. Good for the respiratory system, the kidneys, the liver, fluid retention and helps balance the emotions. Inspires love, peace, well being and serenity. Chakra: Throat and solar plexus.

The colour of the healing crystal, a variety of quartz. Increasing creativity and originality. Heals emotional pain, fear and imbalance, dissolves blockages and promotes universal love, truth and prosperity. Said to balance the male and female energies. Stimulates muscle tissue and blood, and alleviates nervous system stress. Considered lucky in chance and money matters. Chakra: Heart.

Calming and revitalising, bloodstone is the stone of courage and vitality. Helps heal all blood disorders and aids in balancing iron deficiencies. Aids emotional and mental stress. For wealth, relationships, menstrual cramps, the eyesight, the spleen and bones, anaemia, blood clots and reproductive system. Chakra: Base and heart.

Blue Lace Agate
This energetic, cooling stone brings inspiration, patience and peace. Stimulates the intuition and assists healing. Chakra: Throat.

Can be black, blue, brown, green, grey, red, yellow or clear in colour. This stone is a good emotional balancer, assisting in meditation and spirituality. Helps to alleviate stress, skin problems, intestinal complaints and strengthens the heart. Used to enhance memory and self-fulfillment, making us more energetic and enthusiastic in all aspects. Chakra: All chakras.

A variety of chalcedony. Improves personal power, sense of touch, self-confidence and increases inner receptivity. Increases concentration, balancing creativity and the mental processes. Works on several body systems including the heart, kidneys, gallbladder and pancreas. Also helps with asthma, arthritis, menstrual cramps and aids tissue regeneration. Chakra: Sacral.

Inspires inner peace, hope and harmony. Helps with energy distribution around the body. Aids in attuning the mind to higher frequencies and awareness, and helps with dream recall. Chakra: Throat and crown.

The symbol of beauty, love and harmony. A stimulating stone with healing properties. Releases stress, grief, sadness and fear and is balancing to the emotions and the mind. Promotes peace and joy. Thought to be lucky. Chakra: Heart and throat.

Promotes self confidence and interpersonal skills, increases mental and emotional clarity. Reduces fear, stress, anxiety, depression, stomach tension, food disorders and allergies, in fact all negativity. Good for detoxification of digestive system, including, kidneys, liver, spleen, urinary systems and intestines. Also Believed to help accumulate wealth. Chakra: Solar plexus and third eye.

Helps to revitalize the body. Calms the mind and emotions, and strengthens mental ability. A stone for the heart, a variety of beryl, instilling balance, harmony, patience, maturity and love, lifting depression and providing peace and prosperity. Chakra: Heart.

Good for meditation, developing awareness and expanding mental power. Increases intuition and memory. Often used for detoxification and the absorbtion of good nutrients. Useful to relieve anxiety and insomnia. A powerful healing stone. Chakra: Third eye.

Stimulates blood flow and helps inspire love, vitality, imagination and sensuality. Holds a powerful rejuvenating energy. Said to be good for those with anaemia, depression and toxic disorders. Also good for the immune system and body energy. Chakra: Base.

Haematite (Hematite)
Aids mental clarity, concentration, memory, self-control, practicality and original thinking. Thought to be protective, hematite promotes sound sleep, confidence, willpower and boldness. It also brings a sense of calm and reduces anxiety and stress. It neutralizes emotional negativity and has a positive effect on love and relationships. Physically it stimulates the absorption of iron and its energy is said to re-energise the blood, promoting good health. Chakra: Sacral and solar plexus.

Stone of health, wealth and long life. Useful to aid concentration. Helps benefit the upper body around the lungs, heart, thymus and kidneys. Also strengthens the immune system and nervous system. Chakra: Heart.

Used as a grounding stone for earth energies. Said to be good for depression, to promote understanding and to elevate the mood, restoring a positive outlook. Chakra: Base.

Peaceful in love, thoughts, emotions and words. Dissolves negativity and heals emotional instabilities. Aids confidence building and relieves depression, headaches, phobias and mental illness. Assists us in becoming tolerant of others needs, both emotional, spiritual and physical. Balances and strengthens the heart and circulatory systems. Chakra: Heart and throat.

Useful for bridging the gap between the spiritual and the physical, Kyanite can be used in meditation, for manifesting, to reach the higher vibrations of the subtle bodies and to assist with attuning to the spirit guides. Chakra: Throat.

Lapis Lazuli
A sacred stone of the Egyptians, associated with self-confidence, protection and inner tranquility. Spiritually strong and good for meditation. Induces mental calm, develops intuition, increases phychic ability and opens the throat for self-expression. It also eases anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and shyness. Thought to be useful in regulating the thyroid gland, to reduce blood pressure, to strengthen the skeletal system and help with problems affecting the neck and throat. Chakra: Throat and third eye.

A gentle, soothing stone with powers to help the emotions, stability and inner mind balance. Gently eases intense, destructive feelings, such as stress, fatique, emotional trauma, depression, paranoia, self-doubt, anxiety, addictions and worry. Chakra: Heart.

A powerful healing stone. Aids healing of the internal organs, stomach, kidneys, liver, lungs, the immune system and the blood. Said to reduce tension and stress and be protective against radiation as it absorbs bad energy, and is also excellent for travel sickness. Aids in tissue regeneration. An all over balancing stone and thus aids restful sleep. Chakra: Heart.

Go to Part 2 of the Crystals and Gemstones Healing Properties.

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