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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

Crystals, Minerals, Earth Stones, Gemstones and their Metaphysical Healing Properties - Part Two

Answering your questions about crystals

Gemstones are known to possess different healing properties and many believe crystals have healing energy that can block negative elements.

Balances the emotions and increases intuition. Brings peace and harmony, and provides balance with moon cycles, such as, menstrual and bio-rhythm. Good for providing feminine energy and emotional stability. Absorbs illness and pain, and draws us toward the spiritual energies. Good for anxiety, stress, femenine sexuality and childbirth. Chakra: Sacral and solar plexus.

Moss Agate
Good to use with depression, or mental and emotional imbalance. Helps blood sugar balance, infections, allergies, anorexia and other dietary problems. Brings balance and self-confidence by emphasising positive personality traits. Chakra: Heart.

Holds back negativity by repelling negative thought, and is used as a protection stone for sensitive or phychic people. Connects the mind and emotion, dispersing negativity and stress. Balances the digestive and intestinal systems. Gentle and calming as well as strong and protective. Helps us understand others. Chakra: Base, sacral and crown.

Helps with guidance over emotions and passions, enhancing self control. Teaches us to master the self and stimulates decision making. Chakra: Base, solar plexus and throat.

The gem of love, faith and creativity. Works on the endocrine system and enhances physical and emotional balance and intuition. Promotes friendship and responsibility. Chakra: Sacral, solar plexus and crown.

Helps us to promote personal freedom and detach ourselves from others. Helps to reduce depression, stress, anger and jealousy. Said to work on the glandular system and to help detoxify and stimulate the liver and skin. Chakra: Heart.

Pyrite (Iron Pyrites)
Used for focusing the mind, logic, memory and clearing extraneous thought. Also strengthens the will. Aids the digestion, stomach and intestines, improves the circulation, prevents and cures ulcers, and wards off depression, anxiety and frustration. Chakra: Solar plexus.

Quartz (Clear Quartz) Crystal
Good for general healing, meditation and intuition. The stone of wisdom and emotional stability. Increases the speed of healing. Works at all levels of the mind, body and soul, bringing us closer to our higher selves. Chakra: All chakras.

Red Coral
Acts as a balance for the emotions and improves the body's energy levels. Aids fertility and strength. For maintaining enthusiasm and for longevity in thought, deed and life. Helps with fever, breathing, colds and digestive problems. All coral works to regulate physical strength and is good for muscles, blood, the heart, the reproductive system, thyroids, metabolism, the spine, bones and also aids tissue regeneration. Chakra: Heart.

Red Jasper
Used for solidity and grounding because it balances the base chakra. Strengthens internal organs like the liver, lungs, gallbladder and bladder. Stimulates the sense of smell as well as our immune system and promotes general healing. Chakra: Base.

Rhodochrosite (Rhodocrosite)
Strong, loving stone towards life and others. Helps with insecure feelings and is a powerful healing stone. Physically good for stomach and eye problems and works well with the liver and against cancer. Creates feeling of peace and emotional balance and heals emotional trauma. Enhances mental abilities and is a powerful love attractant (careful use advised). Chakra: Base, sacral, solar plexus and heart.

Said to be helpful with self-confidence, security, kindness and patience. Has a calming effect on the nervous system, soothes nightmares and gives emotional support. It eases stress, reduces anxiety and help us cope with heartache and loss. Good for students because it aids learning and improves the memory, reducing uncertainty and confusion. Chakra: Heart.

Rose Quartz
A Rose Quartz Globe - The Stone of Love Rose Quartz is a delicate soft pink colour, the stone of unconditional love, beauty and peacefulness. It dispels negativity and tension. Helps to open the heart for forgiveness of others, giving and receiving, self-love and promotes emotional balance and healing. Good for the circulation and for fertility. Chakra: Heart and throat.

Attracts love and wealth. Good heart stone for the blood and circulation. Helps with self-confidence and decision making. Makes one feel worthy of love, protects against unhappiness and nightmares, harm and illness. Chakra: Heart.

Rutilated Quartz
A strong conductor of healing energy. Induces mental, emotional and physical stability. Helps resist ageing and general cellular breakdown. Said to be good at helping combat depression and getting to the root of an emotional or physical problem. Chakra: All chakras.

Aids mental focus, growth, luck and spiritual insight. Good for the spine and nervous system and also soothes emotions, expands sensitivity and field of awareness. Chakra: Sacral, throat and crown.

Smoky Quartz
Good for grounding and for meditation, enhances awareness and insight. Protects against negative energies and radiation. A general relaxer, sedative, that also dissolves stress as well as general pain. Provides security when there is an emotional risk to failure and during meditation. Chakra: Base and sacral.

Helps with logic, clear thinking, ideas, communication and truth. Provides protection against negative energy, distress and mental anguish. Good for pancreas, endocrine system and lymphatic system. It helps combat internal conflict or insomnia and is good for neck, mouth, hearing and blood pressure. Generates courage and creative expression. Chakra: Throat and third eye.

Helps coordinate the left and right sides of the brain. A very protective stone used to absorb and dissolve anger and hurt. Helps alleviate depression and insecurity brought about by technology, brings peace of mind and balance to the nervous system. Chakra: Crown.

May have been created by the boiling rock thrown up by impacting meteorites millions of years ago. Helps us tune into the universe and our past lives and to explore our own sensitivities. Chakra: Base and third eye.

Tiger Eye
For the practically minded person. Brings optimism, attracts wealth, builds confidence and offers protection. Also good for the stomach, digestion, ulcers and the skeletal system. It amplifies thinking and protects against negativity. Enhances psychic ability and strength. Chakra: Base, heart and third eye.

Stimulates mental clarity and wisdom. Can be used to strengthen the liver, the digestion, the nervous system, hearing and the thyroids. Useful in the healing of wounds, tissue regeneration, mental exhaustion and trauma. Chakra: Solar plexus.

A gentle, cool and soothing stone. Turquoise protects and detoxifies, and is used for clear communication and mental clarity. Good for meditation and spiritual improvement. Physically helpful for skin problems, anorexia, headache, throat problems, breathing problems, asthma, infections, teeth, hearing and high blood pressure. Chakra: All chakras, particularly throat.

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