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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

Luxurious massage by candlelight

Beautiful aromas and the warmth of candle flame

Experience the powerful healing effects of sense massage with restoring oils or luxurious creams. A fusion of touch, pleasure, stress reduction and pressure points. Enjoy a long, slow aromatherapy massage in a relaxing and restorative atmosphere that combines wonderful smells with the soothing pleasure of acupressure massage

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For those times when you feel like pampering yourself with an extra special treat. Candle Flame The Haven Healing Centre has developed a range of luxury treatments which will leave you feeling fantastic.

I have used my considerable knowledge of the human body, to develop an adaptable, luxury, massage treatment, based around the way the body communicates with itself, so that there is a wholeness and a completeness to the experience.

I have found this style of massage to be a way of living in happy harmony with my body. And you can use it too, as a system for achieving radiant physical health, superb mental clarity and therefore peace of mind, as well as spiritual insight, self awareness and body knowledge and understanding.

As well as dissolving away the stresses of the day, this massage is designed to target problem areas, right where you need it most, so that you gain an overall, and in depth, healing experience.

Luxury Massage Early evening too?
Yes, I can do early evening as well as during the day. That way you can, if you so desire, arrive home with a wonderful feeling of euphoria and comfort, that allows you to drift away into a restful and relaxing sleep.

The kind of sleep that is the most desirable for the body to detox and heal. And, so that you awake refreshed, with renewed vigour, able to take on the day and have the clarity to achieve your full potential.

Oils are individually chosen to suit your personal requirements and preference. Essential oils can facilitate the rebalance of your vital energies, restoring harmony and calm to your body and mind. Lu250xury Massage If you prefer, I have creams that feel beautiful on the body and allow a perfect slide massage with areas of greater control when performing deeper bodywork.

Why should I come to you?
The massage is given very slowly to give your body chance to reflect on it's own working and organization. This brings the body's restorative function into play and facilitates the tendency toward mindfulness, so that any resistance to healing is minimized.

During your massage, I use my hands, arms, thumbs and fingers to apply pressure on the hundreds of acupressure (or energy) points, the aim of which is to create a smooth flow of energy throughout the body. I will create in you a sense of peace that is often compared to the euphoria of pilates and yoga.

By using different massage strokes and soft passive movements, gently pulling, twisting and manipulating the body in a way that it was designed to move and absorb the energies created from its own piezo electric effect. All these movements aim to create a smooth energy flow within the body, which is believed to help lubricate and loosen joints, stretch muscles and tone internal organs. Its after-effect is a deep relaxation. Allowing you to experience the ever-changing sensations in your body.

The perfect gift for birthdays, christmas, Valentine's day, as a regular treat for you or someone special, or to aid in the rehabilitation of an illness or injury

What will I feel like afterwards?
The joy and relaxation and mindfulness of a deep, full body massage, in combination with some energy work and deep breathing is rejuvenating and healing at the same time. Luxury Massage To deepen your breath and allow greater openness in your energy field is to experience a sense of spiritual freedom that is awesome, positive and constructive.

Your massage will have a very deep, gentle and beneficial effect on the body, mind, spirit and emotions, giving you a greater awareness of your body. Learning to relax in this way will often feel as though you are learning something you already know how to do, but perhaps had forgotten.

Massage is a way of consciously bringing relaxation and stress relief into your daily life, as an antidote to the pressure and uncertainty that we all feel from time to time.

Should I bring anything with me and what should I wear?
You can come alone or bring someone with you. At least that way, you will have someone who can drive you, or we can ring when you are ready for collection. Couples are welcome to come and I will supply refreshments. Wear something loose and comfortable.

Depending on the time of year, you may like to bring warmer clothes for going home. During your massage, you have the option of wearing whatever you like, or not. Gowns and a small mountain of deliciously warm towels ensure your privacy and modesty are preserved at all times, and only the areas being worked on are exposed for the duration of the bodywork.

Who could benefit from this style of luxury massage?
Business people often find themselves in high pressure environments where they need to be constantly alert and in decision making mode. This can, over time, become a strain on the body and mind, as repeatedly firing the adrenalin response has a way of gradually breaking into body systems and causing serious degeneration, that may not show up until it is too late.

Managers, Directors, the sales team, secretaries and office staff can all consider themselves at risk in this area. And of course, in these days of credit crunch and recession, when businesses are going broke overnight and jobs are constantly on the line, this produces additional responsibility and stress.

The "Luxurious" massage not only provides the perfect antidote to corporate stress, it can kickstart the body's self healing process, which work best when these body systems are in happy suspension.

Anyone else?
I have also found massage beneficial, and this style of massage in particular when used as a restorative technique, is helpful in many areas of illness, such as depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, following exhaustion, nervous breakdown, back problems, digestive problems, circulation problems and Lymphatic problems.

I don't mind telling you, this massage is hard work and I can only manage two, perhaps three at most, in any one day. So please book early to ensure you get your preferred appointment date. If you live in any of the towns and villages in the panel below this article, you are well within a 2-40 minute drive of The Haven Healing Centre, and I'd be delighted to see you.

Please call Phil Chave on 01934 740275 to make your appointment or to ask questions.

Don't wait. Make your appointment today. You'll be glad you did!

How to Book
(Please note: Massage lasts from 1hr20m - 1hr30m per session. The early evening sessions go soonest, so please book early if you can. Daytime appointments may be booked as normal

I use either Decleor: Aromessence Relax - Aromatic Massage Balm, or Decleor: Aromessence Flow - Aromatic Massage Balm, or ID Millennium - Pure Silicone Lubricant, for your treatment.

Decleor products: Aromatic body massage balm containing beeswax and macadamia ternifolia seed oil, blended with pacifying lavender oil and sandalwood oil. Provides anti-oxidant nourishing & softening benefits, and is infused with shea butter to enhance hydration of the skin. Features anti-sensitive, anti-inflammatory & regenerative properties to leave your skin smooth, relaxed & comfortable.

ID Millennium Pure Silicone product: Experience the ultimate luxury that comes from the highest quality silicone available. This first class lubricant glides over your body like an expensive oil, luxuriously lubricating as it goes.

Cost per appointment:
Cost is 1.5x nomal hourly rate (see appointment page), as these massages last up to 1.5hrs, much longer than a normal treatment, which gives you much more time to relax. Payment is by cash (on arrival) or BACS (direct bank transfer must be in advance of appointment - details sent at time of booking).

The Self Healing Meditation CD The Cord Cutting Technique CD Help Yourself. The Miracle of Self Healing CD
The Healers Self Healing Meditation CD - Playtime approx. 35mins The Cord Cutting Technique, a CD by Philip Chave The Miracle of Self Healing; a CD by Philip Chave

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All of These Local Areas Are Within a Short Drive of The Haven Healing Centre, Cheddar, Somerset
Abbots Leigh, Ashwick, Avonmouth, Axbridge, Babington, Backwell, Badgworth, Bagley, Banwell, Barrow Gurney, Bason Bridge, Bath, Beckington, Berrow, Biddisham, Bishop Sutton, Bitton, Blackford, Blagdon, Bleadon, Bleadney, Bradford-on-Avon, Brean, Brent Knoll, Bristol, Burnham-on-Sea, Burrington, Butcombe, Cameley, Catcott, Chantry, Chapel Allerton, Cheddar, Chelwood, Chew Magna, Chew Stoke, Chilcompton, Churchill, Clapton, Claverham, Claverton, Cleeve, Clevedon, Clutton, Cocklake, Coleford, Compton Bishop, Compton Dando, Compton Martin, Congresbury, Coxley, Cranmore, Cross, Downhead, Draycott, Dundry, Dunkerton, East Brent, East Harptree, East Huntspill, Easton-in-Gordano, Edithmead, Emborough, Englishcombe, Evercreech, Failand, Farmborough, Farrington Gurney, Felton, Flax Bourton, Freshford, Frome, Glastonbury, Godney, Green Ore, Gurney Slade, Highbridge, Highbury, High Littleton, Hinton Blewett, Hutton, Inglesbatch, Kelston, Kenn, Kewstoke, Keynsham, Kilmersdon, Kingston Seymour, Langford, Litton, Locking, Long Ashton, Lower Weare, Loxton, Lympsham, Mark, Marksbury, Mells, Midsomer Norton, Monkton Combe, Nailsea, Nempnett Thrubwell, Nettlebridge, Newbury, Oldmixon, Paulton, Peasedown, Pensford, Pilton, Portishead, Prestleigh, Priddy, Priston, Pucklechurch, Pudlow, Puxton, Queen Charlton, Radstock, Redhill, Rickford, Ridgehill, Rodney Stoke, Rooks Bridge, Rowberrow, Saltford, Sandford, Shapwick, Shepton Mallet, Shipham, Sidcot, Somerton, Stanton Drew, Star, Staverton, St Georges, Stoke St Michael, Ston Easton, Stone Bridge, Stowey, Street, Temple Cloud, Tickenham, Timsbury, Trowbridge, Ubley, Weare, Wedmore, Wellow, Wells, West Harptree, West Horrington, Weston-Super-Mare, West Pennard, Whatley, Whitchurch, Winford, Winscombe, Wookey, Wraxall, Wrington, Yatton
For all enquiries please call Phil on: 01934 740275 Also you can: Email this page to a friend.

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