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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

50 Stress Busting Ideas for Your Well-being, Greater Good and Improved Health - part three

A Comprehensive Guide to Stress Management

Manage the stress in your life, before it manages you!
The following activities will help you:
  • Alter, avoid or accept your stressors
  • Build your resources or strengths, and
  • Change your attitude or perception of the stressors

Getting Started

Before you look through this article, stop to think about what kinds of things might be causing stress for you. First, identify a stressor, like a family problem or a difficulty with a co-worker.

Then choose an activity (or two) that you think would help you deal with it. Apply yourself to doing that particular activity for a day, a week, or a month. You may want to remind yourself with notes on your mirror, refrigerator or car dashboard, or by wearing a piece of jewellery that reminds you of your commitment to practicing the activity in your daily life. Then, look back and note the difference in your stress level. Return to the list of activities whenever you like and repeat the process.

26. Take It Easy

Try to slow down and enjoy your leisure time. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is nothing at all. Don't cram your days off with endless chores. Make an effort to relax and enjoy your free time. Loaf a little. Set your overscheduled life-style aside occasionally. Play regularly, but don't compete. Put some fun into your life every day.

27. Take Control

Take control of your life. Helplessness is a terrible feeling. While you may not be able to change everything, notice the things you can change. Accept the things you can't do anything about, and don't worry about them.

28. Enjoy a Diversion

Learn the art of diverting yourself into something you really enjoy. Go see a movie. Get a hobby and do it often. Take a class. Read a good book. Join a club. Take up a musical instrument, sing, write music, or simply listen to the stereo. Play a game. Goof off. Go out with friends. Volunteer.

29. Sweet Nothings

You've heard of whispering sweet nothings into your lover's ear. How about giving yourself positive messages? List on an index card all the positive messages you would like to send to yourself. Carry the card with you. When you feel distressed, prompt yourself. Take out the card and read all the positive messages, adding to them when you can.

30. Enjoy the Journey

On a long automobile trip, young children often ask, "Are we there yet?" Learn to master the skill of enjoying life's journey. Don't postpone happiness only for when you have arrived at your destination. Take time to smell the flowers, listen to birds singing or to nature's whispers in the wind.

31. Face Reality

Enjoy Life to the Full! Exercise is a Good De-Stressor. Man Jogging When a stressor occurs, face reality and begin doing something about it. Avoid the "Why me?" syndrome. Determine to get busy and do something about your situation. Doing nothing only makes things worse.

For example, if you have suffered a substantial economic loss, make a realistic assessment of your losses. Next, prioritize needs and outline steps toward financial recovery.

32. Help a Worthy Cause

Sometimes we worry so much about our problems that we can't see anything else. Investing ourselves in a cause greater than ourselves helps to put our personal problems into perspective. Invest yourself meaningfully in a church or community group. Helping others can bring us peace and satisfaction.

33. Use Your Humagination

Humagination is the art of creating colorful and humorous situations in your mind, and letting the laughter flow.

For example, picture a man walking in a rainstorm. It's pouring. He is wearing a new, three-piece suit and marching with dignity down the street, an umbrella over his head. But the umbrella has no cloth or plastic. It's just a skeleton of spokes. Give him a red tie. Now give him short pants, white socks and cowboy boots. Have him meet someone. What do they say?

34. Listen to Your Body

Pay attention to what the voice of your body is telling you. The body speaks to us in many ways: by headaches, stiff necks, high blood pressure, or an upset stomach. When you "hear" these messages, you may be pushing yourself too hard. Slow down. Relax.

35. If You Can't Sit Still, Don't

Some people are too fidgety to sit still and meditate. Herbert Benson says that jogging can elicit the same reaction as deep breathing while repeating a word. Here's how:

As you jog, focus on the cadence of your feet. Left/right/left/right, rather than repeating a word. While most runners experience a high during their third or fourth mile, those who use the relaxation response often reach that high during their first or second mile. This strategy works with any other continuous, rhythmic activity, such as swimming or bicycling.

36. Fill Your Life With Things You Love

Think about the things you love. Do you love to sing? Do you love to be alone in nature? Do you love to talk with friends? Make a list of 20 things you love to do. Luxury Massage

Now pick out some of the ones you love most. Ask yourself: "What can I do to make time for the things I love most?" Then make a plan to do them. Set aside money for them. Ask others to help you do them.

37. See the Humour

Sometimes stress can be reduced if we see the humour in tense situations. For example, when kids have left the lights on throughout the house, you may feel like screaming at them. Instead, call them together and announce, very seriously, that there has been a sad report from Roachville that the lights left on in your home are disturbing the slumber of the local roaches, especially the babies. Maybe we could all help the roaches get to sleep by going through the house and turning off all the lights. Be sure to avoid sarcasm or insults. Make your statements as ridiculous as possible. You'll find everyone starts laughing, including yourself!

38. Put First Things First

What's important to you? That's a first step before deciding how to spend your time and energy.

Begin by doing nothing for five minutes. This will give you time to relax and clear your mind. Next, make a list of the five things you value most, and five things you enjoy doing the most. Finally, take a look at how you spend your time during the day. Are you spending time and energy on things that you truly value and enjoy doing? Is there a conflict between your values and the way you spend your time? How can you reduce the conflict? You may want to keep this list handy, such as in your wallet or purse. The list can help you focus on what is most important to you.

My sincere thanks to Stephen F. Duncan, Ph.D., Human Development Specialist, and to the MSU Extension Service, for allowing me to recreate this article. Their copyright is acknowledged and retained.

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My final message to you is this: If you are suffering from stress, or the effects of stress, try some of the ideas above. Stress has been linked to such things as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem, social anxiety,chronic constipation or IBS, heart disease, lowered immune system, rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, and now there are even suggestions that cancer may be linked to stress.

Stress is not something to carry around for long periods, it produces more and more ill-health and early treatment is recommended. If you live near The Haven Healing Centre, Cheddar, I'd be delighted to see you. Don't wait! The sooner we start treatments, the sooner you are likely to see improvement in your condition.

Put an end to stress related illness. My approach involves talking, healing and treatments combined to reflect your own preferences. Please call Phil Chave on 01934 740275 to make your appointment or to talk about a treatment plan structured around your needs.

Don't wait. Make your appointment today. You'll be glad you did!

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