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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

Alphabetical list of some of the most common conditions, illnesses, diseases and disorders

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Saccular Aneurysm. Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome. Saint Anthonys Fire. Salaam Seizures. Salivary Gland Diseases. Salivary Gland Virus Disease. Salmonella Infections. Salmonellosis. Salpingitis. Samter's Syndrome. Sandfly Fever.
Sandhoff Disease. Sanfilippo Syndrome. Sao Paulo Typhus. SAPHO Syndrome. Sarcoidosis. Sarcoma. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Scabies. Scalenus Anticus Syndrome.

Scarlet Fever: Scarlet fever is due to a throat infection caused by a bacterium (germ) called streptococcus (group A streptococcus). Scarlet fever causes a sore throat, high temperature and a rash. It usually occurs in children. It has become much less common and less serious than it once was because scarlet fever responds well to antibiotics. Full recovery is usual.

Schamberg's Disease. Schaumann's Disease. Scheie Syndrome. Scheuermann's Disease. Schilder Disease. Schilder-Addison Complex. Schistosomiasis. Schizencephaly. Schizoaffective Disorder. Schizophrenia. Schizophrenic Disorders. Schizophreniform Disorders. Schmidt's Syndrome. Schoenlein-Henoch Purpura. Schwannoma. Sciatic Neuralgia (Sciatica).

Sciatica: Sciatica refers to pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling in the leg. It is caused by injury to or pressure on the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is a symptom of another medical problem, not a medical condition on its own.

SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency). Scimitar Syndrome. Scleritis. Scleroderma, Systemic. Scleroma. Sclerosis. Scoliosis. Scotoma. Scrub Typhus. Seasickness. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Seasonal Mood Disorder (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Sebaceous Cyst. Seborrheic Keratosis. Second Cranial Nerve Diseases. See-Saw Nystagmus. Seizure Disorder (Epilepsy). Seizures. Self-Destructive Behavior. Self-Injurious Behavior. Semilobar Holoprosencephaly. Senile Dementia, Alzheimer Type. Senile Paranoid Dementia. Sensory Neuropathy. Sepsis. Sepsis Syndrome. Septo-Optic Dysplasia. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. Sever's Disease. Sex Chromosome Aberrations. Sex Chromosome Abnormalities. Sex Deviations. Sexual and Gender Disorders. Sexual Arousal Disorder. Sexual Aversion Disorder. Sexual Dysfunctions. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Sezary Syndrome. Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Sharp Syndrome: In medicine, mixed connective tissue disease (also known as Sharp's syndrome), commonly abbreviated as MCTD, is an autoimmune disease, in which the body's defense system attacks itself. It was characterized in 1972.

Sheehan Syndrome. Shingles (Herpes Zoster). Shock. Shock, Anaphylactic. Shock, Septic. Shock, Toxic. Short Bowel Syndrome. Shoulder Injuries. Shoulder-Girdle Neuropathy. Shoulder-Hand Syndrome. Shy-Drager Syndrome. Sialidosis. Sialorrhea. Siamese Twins. Sicca Syndrome.

Sick Building Syndrome: The term "sick building syndrome" (SBS) is used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified. The complaints may be localized in a particular room or zone, or may be widespread throughout the building. In contrast, the term "building related illness" (BRI) is used when symptoms of diagnosable illness are identified and can be attributed directly to airborne building contaminants. Most indoor air pollution comes from sources inside the building. For example, adhesives, carpeting, upholstery, manufactured wood products, copy machines, pesticides, and cleaning agents may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including formaldehyde. Other sources can come from human activity like tobacco smoke, unvented kerosene and gas space heaters, woodstoves, fireplaces and gas stoves, motor vehicle exhausts, plumbing vents, and building exhausts. Bacteria, molds, pollen, and viruses are types of biological contaminants.

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death). Silicosis. Simmonds Disease. Sinusitis. Situs Inversus. Sixth Disease. Sjogren's Syndrome. Skew Deviation. Skin and Connective Tissue Diseases. Skin Cancer (Skin Neoplasms). Skin Diseases. Skin Diseases, Bacterial. Skin Diseases, Fungal. Skin Diseases, Infectious. Skin Diseases, Parasitic. Skin Ulcer.

Sleep Apnea: Sleep apnea (or sleep apnoea in British English) is a common disorder in which you have one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while you sleep. Breathing pauses can last from a few seconds to minutes. They often occur 5 to 30 times or more an hour. Typically, normal breathing then starts again, sometimes with a loud snort or choking sound. Sleep apnea usually is a chronic condition that disrupts your sleep. Sleep apnea is one of the leading causes of excessive daytime sleepiness.

Sleep Disorders. Sleep-Disordered Breathing. Slipped Disk. Slow Virus Diseases. Smallpox. Smell Disorders. Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome. Smith-Magenis Syndrome. Smooth Pursuit Deficiency. Sneddon Syndrome. Sneddon-Champion Syndrome. Snoring. Sodoku (Rat-Bite Fever). Somatization Disorder. Somatoform Disorders. Somatotropin Hypersecretion Syndrome. Sore Throat (Pharyngitis). Space Adaptation Syndrome. Space Motion Sickness. Spasm. Spasmodic Torticollis. Spastic Diplegia (Cerebral Palsy). Spastic Quadriplegia. Spastic Spinal Monoplegia Syndrome. SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction). Speech Disorders. Spermatic Cord Torsion. Sphenopalatine Neuralgia (Facial Neuralgia). Spherocytosis. Sphingomyelinase Deficiency Disease. Spider Veins (Telangiectasis). Spielmeyer-Vogt Disease.

Spina Bifida: Spina bifida (Latin: "split spine") is a developmental congenital disorder caused by the incomplete closing of the embryonic neural tube. Some vertebrae overlying the spinal cord are not fully formed and remain unfused and open. If the opening is large enough, this allows a portion of the spinal cord to protrude through the opening in the bones. There may or may not be a fluid-filled sac surrounding the spinal cord. The incidence of spina bifida can be decreased by up to 70% when daily folic acid supplements are taken prior to conception.

Spina Bifida Occulta. Spinal Cord Diseases. Spinal Cord Inflammation (Myelitis). Spinal Cord Injuries. Spinal Diseases. Spinal Dysraphism. Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Spinal Osteophytosis. Spinal Stenosis. Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 3. Splenic Diseases.

Splenic Rupture: Rupture of the capsule of the spleen, an organ in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen, is a situation that requires immediate medical attention. The rupture of a normal spleen can be caused by trauma, such as a car accident. The spleen filters blood by removing old or damaged blood cells and platelets. It also helps the immune system by destroying bacteria and other foreign substances and by producing antibodies.

Spondylitis, Ankylosing. Spondylolisthesis. Spondylosis. Spongiform Encephalopathies, Transmissible (Prion Diseases). Spongiform Encephalopathy, Subacute (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Syndrome). Spongy Disease of White Matter (Canavan Disease). Sprengel's Deformity. Sprue, Celiac (Celiac Disease). Squint. SSPE (Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis).

Stammering: stammering (alalia literalis or anarthria literalis), also known as Stuttering (alalia syllabaris), is a speech disorder in which the flow of speech is disrupted by involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds, syllables, words or phrases, and involuntary silent pauses or blocks in which the stutterer is unable to produce sounds. The term stuttering is most commonly associated with involuntary sound repetition, but it also encompasses the abnormal hesitation or pausing before speech, referred to by stutterers as blocks, and the prolongation of certain sounds, usually vowels and semivowels. Apart from their speech impediment, people who stammer may well be 'normal' in the clinical sense of the term. Anxiety, low self-esteem, nervousness, and stress therefore do not cause stammering per se, although they are very often the result of living with a highly stigmatized disability and, in turn, exacerbate the problem in the manner of positive feedback.

St. Anthonys Fire (Ergotism). Staphylococcal Infections. Stargardt Disease (Macular Degeneration). Starvation. Steele-Richardson-Olszewski Syndrome. Steely Hair Syndrome. Stein-Leventhal Syndrome. Stenocardia. Sterility (Infertility). Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Stickler Syndrome. Stiff Man Syndrome. Stiff-Person Syndrome. Still's Disease. Stomatitis, Aphthous. Stomatognathic Diseases. Storage Pool Deficiency. Strabismus. Streeter Syndrome. Streptococcal Infections. Streptococcus pneumoniae Infections (Pneumococcal Infections). Stress. Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic. Striatonigral Degeneration. Strongyloidiasis. Sturge-Weber Syndrome.

Stuttering: See Stammering.

Stye. Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis. Subcortical Arteriosclerotic Encephalopathy. Subdural Hematoma. Subglottic Stenosis. Substance Abuse. Substance-Related Disorders. Subvalvular Stenosis. Sudden Deafness. Sudden Infant Death. Sudek Atrophy. Suffocation (Asphyxia). Suicidal Behavior. Sulfatidosis. Superior Vena Cava Syndrome. Supraglottitis. Supranuclear Palsy. Swallowing Disorders. Sweat Gland Diseases. Sweet's Syndrome. Swimmer's Itch. Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD). Symptomatic Infantile Spasms. Syncope. Syndrome X. Synesthesia.

Synovitis: Synovitis is the medical term for inflammation of the synovial membrane. This membrane lines joints which possess cavities, known as synovial joints. The condition is usually painful, particularly when the joint is moved. The joint usually swells due to synovial fluid collection. Synovitis may occur in association with arthritis as well as lupus, gout, and other conditions. Synovitis is more commonly found in rheumatoid arthritis than in other forms of arthritis, and can thus serve as a distinguishing factor, although it can present to a lesser degree in osteoarthritis. Long term occurrence of synovitis can result in degeneration of the joint.

Syphilis: Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection. The primary route of transmission is through direct sexual contact; however, it may also be transmitted from mother to fetus during pregnancy or at birth, resulting in congenital syphilis.

Syringomyelia. Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. Systolic Click-Murmur Syndrome.

My final message to you is this: If you have any of the conditions listed above, you are welcome to request distant healing, or, if you live nearby, to come for any of the treatments on offer that work for you. What's important is to get the help you need when you need it most. If you live in any of the towns and villages in the list below, you are well within a 2 to 40 minute drive of The Haven Healing Centre, and I'd be delighted to see you.

Please call Phil Chave on 01934 740275 to make your appointment or to talk about a treatment plan structured around your needs. Don't wait. Make your appointment today. You'll be glad you did!

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